11 Best Oil Funnels for DIY Oil Changes

Updated: Aug. 20, 2023

Using the correct type and shape oil funnel helps avoid cleaning up a greasy mess when changing motor oil yourself.

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11 Best Oil Funnels For Diy Ecomm Via Merchant
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Buying an Oil Funnel

Changing motor oil is a simple DIY routine maintenance service that prolongs the life of your engine and helps prevent oil leaks. Changing your vehicle’s oil yourself saves time and money and requires only a few basic tools, including a funnel to refill the crankcase with fresh oil.

There are many types of funnels to choose from. Look for these key features when you’re ready to buy.

  • Long neck and flexible spout: Makes it easy to access the crankcase fill hole in hard-to-reach areas.
  • Offset/angled: Great for reaching around obstacles.
  • Non-metallic: Chemical- and oil-resistant so they don’t corrode and are easy to clean.
  • Metal: Should have solid, rolled edges and a galvanized corrosion-resistant finish.
  • Large capacity anti-splash funnels: Hasten flow while keeping oil off the engine.
  • Mesh strainer or screen: Helps keep debris out of the engine but slows oil flow through the funnel.

Also look for funnels with threads that screw directly into crankcase fill hole. Funnels with lids or spout caps are especially helpful for keeping the inside clean.

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Karzone Oil Funnel Ecomm Via Amazon
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Best Oil Funnel for Hard-To-Reach Spots

With a long, skinny neck and large opening, the no-frills KarZone 12-oz. Oil Funnel easily slides into constricted, confined spaces. The wide mouth and flexible spout lets you add clean oil without spilling any on the ground or all over the engine.

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Lumax Silver Galvanized Funnel Pipe Ecomm Via Amazon
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Best Metal Oil Funnel

The Lumax LX-1704 Galvanized Steel Flexible Funnel with extension tip works well when standard length or rigid tip funnels just can’t reach. Its flexible wide spout doesn’t inhibit oil flow. The built-in stainless steel screen ensures no grit or dirt makes its way into your engine.

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Flotool 10705 Giant Quickfill Funnel Ecomm Via Amazon
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Best High-Capacity Oil Funnel

The wide spout of the ‎Hopkins ‎10705 Flotool Funnel permits high velocity pouring from large containers and lets you finish faster. Built-in splash guards keep oil in the funnel and off the garage floor and engine. A removable snap-in screen, along with its reasonable price, make this funnel worth considering.

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Lisle 19752 Red Oil Dispenser Ecomm Via Amazon
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Best Oil Dispenser/Funnel

With a removable flexible spout, the Lisle 19752 Six-Quart Oil Dispenser allows you to carry and pour lots of oil into hard-to-reach places with little risk of spilling. The translucent jug features quart and liter markings so you can add just the right amount of oil. The eight-quart model comes with a cap and lid to prevent dirt from contaminating the oil and dispenser.

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Basic Oil Funnel With Extension Ecomm Via Amazon
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Best Value Oil Funnel

The well-priced polyethylene Majic ‎VIP-Fun-1 Funnel with a removable, flexible spout and handle bends easily to reach out-of- the-way oil fill holes. The two-part design lets you directly place the funnel into the oil fill hole, or screw on the extension spout for holes concealed in the engine compartment.

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Flotool Quickfill Funnel Ecomm Via Amazon.com
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Best Bargain Oil Funnel

With its high back and ergonomic funnel design, the FloTool 10718WR QuickFill Funnel does exactly what you want it to do — eliminate messy spills when it’s time to add fresh oil to your engine. And it does so a bargain-basement price.

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Hopkins Flotool Measu Funnel Ecomm Via Amazon
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Best All Around Oil Funnel

The ‎Hopkins Flotool 10704 Funnel comes with lots of nice features. Its long flexible tube/spout easily reaches difficult to get at crankcase fill holes. Measurement graduations make adding the exact amount of oil a real bonus.

Other highlights include a cover for the flexible measuring cup, caps to seal the tube/spout, and a convenient handle that frees your other hand to control oil flow through a nifty on/off valve.

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Scribner Plastics Red Funnel Ecomm Via Walmart
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Best Splurge Oil Funnel

The huge, heavy-duty, pricey Scribner Plastics 6115R Red 45 Degree 14-in.-dia. Funnel is one serious funnel. It features a 115-micron stainless steel mesh strainer and easily holds six quarts of oil.

Durable and rigid, its “D” shape and anti-splash features let you add oil in hard-to-reach places without spilling it all over the engine. The handy offset spout design reduces the need to tip the funnel and can be trimmed to your specific needs.

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Lisle Right Angle Funnel Ecomm Via Amazon
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Best Angled Oil Funnel

The long Lisle 18232 Offset Funnel, and its smaller cousin, the Lisle 17232 Right Angle Funnel, work well with big trucks, RVs or vehicles where the oil fill is obscured or located in a tricky place. The 18232 includes an adapter that prevents spills when you can’t see the fill hole. Plus, its included lid and spout cap keep dirt and dust from accumulating inside the funnel.

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Hopkins Plastic Funnels Multi Pack Ecomm Via Lowes
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Best Multi-Pack

If it seems you never have the right funnel when working on your car or truck, consider the inexpensive Hopkins 10714MX3 Super Funnel Trio. The all plastic “nesting” collection comes in three sizes/configurations, each in its own bright color, for different jobs. If you like, reserve each funnel for a specific task — one for adding motor oil, another coolant, and the third for washer fluid.

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Oemtools Universal No Spill Oil Funnel Ecomm Via Amazon
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Best Direct Connect Oil Funnel

OEMTools make a line of direct fit funnels that screw directly into the valve cover oil filler hole, making it much easier to fill the crankcase without spills.

Their 87039 Universal Set includes seven interchangeable adapters, a 150-degree extender and funnel that can be configured to fit most vehicles. The clear spout secures the funnel in place and allows you to see the oil as you pour it into your engine.

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