5 Clog-Busting Products for Your Drains

Updated: Dec. 01, 2023

All clogs are not created equal, and some require a little more umph to fix than others. Keep these go-to products on hand for when you need to clear blocked drains ASAP.

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Johnny Jolter Professional Power Plunger

Toss your traditional plunger away and get a power plunger. Suction up the water then seal the nozzle in the drain and depress the plunger to force the water through to free the clog down the line. Read more about how to unclog a toilet here.

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Drain Cleaning Water Bladder

If you’ve got a clog deep in your drains a water bladder connected to a garden hose could be the ticket. This is a cheap, safe and effective way to dislodge a clog and it can be used over and over without calling a plumber. They come in several sizes on Amazon, order a small one that will fit most home drains for less than $20. Do you have other toilet trouble? Check out how to fix a running toilet here.

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Zip-It Drain Cleaning Tool

If you have a clogged sink or bathtub, it could just be a clump of hair keeping the water from going down the drain. A simple and easy solution for this problem is the Zip-It Drain Cleaning Tool. The barb-like features along the edges of the tool grab onto the clog, so you can pull it out. Get them on Amazon for around $5.

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Ridgid PowerSpin Plus Auger

The PowerSpin Plus is Ridgid’s take on the hand auger. It has a handle with an auto-feed trigger that advances and retracts the 1/4-in. cable so you don’t have to get your hands too dirty. You can use it by hand with the crank or attach a drill if you want a little more power. Get one at Home Depot for around $40.

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Citra Drain Natural Cleaner

Once you unclog your drain, make sure it stays that way with Citra Drain Drain Maintainer. It is made up of natural enzymes that eat away at the stuff that accumulates in the pipes to keep them flowing free with no harsh chemicals. It will also leave a pleasant scent behind. Find it on Amazon for under $15 for a 22 ounce bottle.

Learn about other natural cleaning solutions. Check out How To Clean Furniture and Fight Odors Without Chemical Cleaners.

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