12 Things You Can Do with an Old Tire

Updated: Jan. 18, 2024

Step outside the box and repurpose an old tire with these creative tips.

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tire chairs
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Tire Chair

The things you can do with a tire can be endless. Start with some creativity. Make creative garden chairs by recycling your old tires, because what goes better than horticulture and recycled materials?

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Tire Plant Holder

Make your garden shine by propping up your pretty plants with an old tire plant holder. It’s an easy DIY that will add a creative touch to your space and get rid of an old tire. A tire garden is a great way to solve what to do with old tires. Did you know you can make concrete from tires?

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Rolling Storage

Transform old tires into an ottoman for storing your crafts. Paint them, stack them, and voila!

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tire swing

Decor Tire Swing

Liven up your living room by painting an old tire bright white and hanging it from beautiful, thick nautical rope. It’s just one of the things you can do. Don’t forget to check out these amazing tire swing ideas.

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tire table

Tire Table

Who needs wood when you have rubber? An old tire with a round piece of glass, it makes the perfect small coffee table. It’s the most clever of the things you can do.

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Garden Stairs

Stop slipping down a steep hill to your garden oasis by installing these simple tire garden stairs. It’s another one of those things you can do to repurpose old things.

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tire ladder
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Playground Climbers

Kids love to climb on playground equipment and old tires are often used for climbers like this.

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tire swan
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Garden Swan

Add some pizzazz to your garden by DIYing a tire garden swan. It’s a waste-recycling concept that will keep you from over spending at the store on outdoor decor and more. A tire garden is an interesting answer to the things you can do.

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Tire Ropes Course

Venture out into the woods to create this super cool tire challenge. It’s not for the faint of heart, but certainly a great project for the serious workout enthusiast and one of the more awesome uses.

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tire game
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Obstacle Course

Have some space in your backyard? Transform it into a summer camp fun zone with an obstacle course that will give everyone in the family a little exercise. It’s on the cooler side of the things you can do.

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Tire Totter

Keep your little ones entertained for hours with a teeter totter or rocking horse made with an old tire. Of course, safety first with all things kid-related.

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tire swing
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Old Fashioned Tire Swing

Surely one of the first things that came to mind when you thought of repurposing an old tire was a tire swing, right? Well, we saved it for last. Classics never go out of style.

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