Making sure you know everything there is to know about the electrical, heating and cooling systems in your home.

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    Here’s How to Keep Pipes From Freezing This Winter

    Preventing frozen pipes is easy. Repairing the damage from frozen pipes that burst is not.

    How To Get Blueprints of Your House

    The original blueprints of your home aren't just a cool thing to have. They're required for many types of building...

    Light Bulb Recycling Guide

    You can recycle those old light bulbs, but there are a few important things to know before you toss them...

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    How To Wire a Four-Way Switch

    Did you know slips, trips and falls are some of the most common home safety hazards? Say goodbye to stubbed...

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    Does Bulb Wattage Determine Brightness?

    It's a common misconception that a bulb's wattage is the only factor in its brightness. So if you've been buying...

    What To Know About Burying Underground Electrical Cable

    Running electric power to a garage or garden pond? Learn about code requirements, trench depth options, conduit material and types...

    Guide To Under Sink Water Heaters

    Tired of wasting water while you're waiting for it to get hot? Waste no more by installing a tank-style or...

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    New 2023 Energy Tax Credits and Rebates You Can Use to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

    How to finesse your home's energy efficiency by using the new rebates and tax incentives for HVAC, solar and more.

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    Solar Panel Maintenance Guide

    From droughts to blizzards, here's how to keep your residential solar panels performing at their peak.

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    What To Know About Solar Batteries

    Solar battery technology has advanced in leaps and bounds in recent years. Here's what makes a battery a solar battery.

    Guide To Water Storage Tanks

    Water storage tanks are the backbone of a well pump system. They can be metal or plastic, pressurized or not,...

    What to Know About Replacing Gas Appliances in Your Home

    From heat pumps to induction stoves, here are the appliances you can install to switch away from gas — and...

    Homeowner’s Guide To Well Water Testing

    How to initiate well water testing, what contaminants to test for and other safety tips.

    Homeowner’s Guide To Irrigation Systems

    You can irrigate your lawn or garden with an automated sprinkler or drip system. Sprinklers irrigate more widely, but they...

    What Is a Cistern Water System?

    Has your interest in alternative water systems made you ask, what is a cistern? Read on to learn about this...

    When You Leave Home, Should You Turn Off Your Air Conditioner?

    A recent study has the answer, and it's more complicated that a simple "yes" or "no." It depends on several...

    14 Over Kitchen Sink Lights That Are Functional and Stylish

    From pendants to flush mounts, modern to classic, the right over kitchen sink light adds style and brightens up your...

    8 Best Well Water Testing Kits

    A DIY well water test kit helps ensure your home's water is safe. Here are our favorites.

    6 Best Well Water Filtration Systems

    When your water source is a well, it's up to you to determine if you need a well water filtration...

    Does Lighting Your Property Actually Make It Safer?

    A well-lit perimeter might feel reassuring. But excess security lighting can actually foster crime, annoy your neighbors and mess with...

    The Headlamp I Never Knew I Needed

    This top-notch Fenix HM65r headlamp showed me the light when I thought my old headlamp was fine.

    Want an Air Conditioner Covered in Moss?

    A moss air conditioner? Is this a prank? Nope, just a good-looking AC that's better for the environment than most.

    4 Ways to Heat a Sauna

    Choosing a heating method is one of the first steps to building a sauna. Here we look at four...

    How to Build a DIY Infrared Sauna

    Get all the benefits of a sauna without the expensive health club membership.

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    How To Fix a Circuit Breaker That Keeps Tripping

    Circuit breaker keeps tripping? Don't just reset and forget. Circuit breakers protect your home and family, so fix that situation...

    5 Signs a Home Has “Good Bones” According To Real Estate Pros

    Your real estate agent says a house you looked at has "good bones," but what does that even mean? We...

    How To Splice Wires

    Doing some DIY electrical work? Electrical circuits are only as safe as the splices you make. Learn how to splice...

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    This Portable LG AC Will Help You Get Through the Dog Days

    We spent a week testing this portable AC unit at a normally hot and sticky cabin. Here's what we found.

    How to Install a Window AC Unit

    Installing a window air conditioner is an easy way to keep your cool.