Making sure you know everything there is to know about the electrical, heating and cooling systems in your home.

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      Makita’s Line of Cordless Pro Cleaning Tools

      Everything you need to know about Makita's new line of cordless, pro-grade cleaning tools.

      Beat the Heat and Cut Cooling Costs

      To save on cooling costs, install simple shutters to block the afternoon sun.

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      Choosing the Best Water Filter for Your Home

      Do you need a simple pitcher or a whole-house system? Water filtration isn't a one-size-fits-all solution to your drinking water...

      Top 10 Products You’re Going to Want to Buy Before Summer Hits

      Don't wait until it's too hot to function. Now's the time to purchase these cooling devices so you're ready for...

      These Simple Tricks Will Keep Your House Cool All Summer Long

      It certainly is nice to have warmer weather, but it’s never nice to have an uncomfortably hot home. If you’re...

      12 Best Home Improvement Projects Under $100

      A little can go a long way when it comes to home improvements. For just $100 you can make some...

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      What to Know About Frozen Pipes

      Don't let frozen water pipes cause a flood. Here's what to know about frozen pipes, including how to prevent them...

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      In Multi-Generational Homes, Some Like It Hot—But Some Not

      The solution? Fujitsu General’s energy-efficient Mini-split technology, which lets everyone from grandma to youngsters control the temperature in their rooms—no...

      12 Alternative Ideas for Keeping Your Home Cool This Summer

      AC not quite cutting it? Here are 12 ways to help keep your home cool when the temperatures rises.

      13 Ways to Keep Your Home Cool Without an Air Conditioner

      If you don't have an air conditioner, check out these creative ways to stay cool all summer long.

      10 Living Room Lighting Ideas We Love

      Your living room is a multi-use space, so you need to have the right lighting for the right use. The...

      Best Lighting for Your Garage and Workshop

      Find your way in the dark with these cool products that help light the darkest nooks and crannies of your...

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      Fact or Fiction: Is Your Tap Water Safe to Drink?

      Clean, safe water is vital for drinking, cooking, bathing and more, yet most people barely give it a thought. Here's...

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      Best Off-Grid Power Systems for Your Cabin

      If you're contemplating off-grid power for your cabin or summer house, start here to learn the differences between solar, wind...

      Here’s Why Spray Foam Can Regulate Your House Temperature

      If you’re looking to keep the house at a comfortable temperature, it may be time to consider spray foam insulation....

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      21 Air Conditioner Maintenance and Home Cooling Tips

      Whether you have a whole-house or one-room air conditioner, don't make it work harder than it should. Follow these tips...

      Which Exterior Renovation Adds the Most Value to a House?

      Not all exterior renovation projects are created equal. These are the ones that add the most value at resale.

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      9 Best Electric Baseboard Heaters

      Looking for an electric baseboard heater but can't decide which is best for you? Discover the best baseboard heaters in...

      How to Install a Battery-Powered Touchless Faucet

      Touchless faucet installation made easy.

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      What to Know About Patio Misting Systems

      If you're looking for an affordable and efficient way to stay cool this summer, learn how outdoor mist cooling systems...

      How to Install Low-Profile LED Lights in Your Kitchen

      Transform your kitchen into a place you’ll love to be with this innovative lighting project.

      How to Adjust a Mechanical Thermostat

      Fine-tuning tips for better furnace performance.

      How to Upgrade Your Bathroom Vanity

      A fresh new look for your bathroom.

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      Severe Weather Guide: Emergency Power Generators

      It just takes one downed power pole to interrupt the fragile chain of electricity connecting your house to the power...

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      10 Electrical Wire Colors and What They Actually Mean

      Need to do some electrical work, but don't know what those wire colors mean? Here's what you need to know...

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      6 Repair Tips for Patio Heaters

      Is your patio heater malfunctioning? These six repairs fix the most common problems people have with their patio heaters.

      Why Amazon Reviewers Love this HEPA Air Purifier

      Say hello to this fan-favorite HEPA air purifier and you’ll be saying goodbye to germs, allergens and indoor air pollutants.