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Small appliances provide everyday creature comforts. Routine maintenance will keep yours working properly.

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The 9 Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans of 2024

An outdoor patio fan will help cool down your space, making it more comfortable for lounging on hot summer days.

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Which Way Should a Ceiling Fan Spin?

Help your home stay cool in summer or warm in winter just by flipping a switch.

This Crazy Fan Will Keep Your House Cool All Summer Long

It will cost you a fraction of what your air conditioner is costing you!

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How to Clean a Car Air Filter

Extend the life of your engine air filter and increase your gas mileage by cleaning your air filter with a...

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How to Clean Car Carpet

Learn how to clean car carpet and eliminate old stains and smells for good.

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How to Clean Cloth Car Seats

Cleaning cloth car seats is easy — it just takes a little elbow grease and attention to detail with the...

The Pros and Cons of Constantly Running Your HVAC Fan

These are the pros and cons of continuously running your HVAC.

This Is How Often You Should Be Replacing These 7 Filters at Home

In the same way you test smoke alarms each year for safety, remember to check filters on everything from your...

10 Tech Items You Should Not Buy at the Dollar Store

It's no secret that dollar stores are packed with great deals. How do they do it? By buying up aging...

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How to Fix a Leaking Frost-Proof Faucet

Check out these fixes for common faucet problems

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Noisy Gas Fireplace Blower? Here’s How to Replace it

A professional fireplace service company charges about $400 to do the job (parts and labor). But you can replace the...

5 Kitchen Flooring Ideas That are Trending Right Now

Ready to update your kitchen? One way to freshen up the look of a kitchen is with new flooring. Whether...

10 Coffee Filter Hacks You Need to Know

Fret not, these coffee filter hacks can bail you out in some tricky situations at home.

How to Fix a Hose Spraying Water From the Vacuum Breaker

A worn-out vacuum breaker is usually the culprit

13 Things You Should Never, Ever Vacuum

Getting out the vacuum may seem like a quick solution for any spill, but some things just aren’t meant to...

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Are Space Heaters Safe? 10 Things to Know

When the temperature drops, a portable space heater can be a convenient source of supplemental heat for your home. One...

How To Install a Bathroom Roof Vent

Bathroom exhaust fans need a vent. Here's how to install a vent cap on the roof and connect it to...

New Kitchen Venting: How to Install a Kitchen Fan Vent

Use rigid duct with insulated duct sleeve for an oven exhaust fan.

This Is How Often You Should REALLY Be Vacuuming

If you wonder if your lack of love for your vacuum cleaner is damaging your flooring, or jeopardizing your health,...

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Troubleshoot and Fix an Off-Kilter Ceiling Fan

Stop the wobble and make your fan run smoothly in 15 minutes.

Automotive Fixes: Stop Repeat Failures on Radiator Fan Relays

If your radiator fan doesn't work, don't automatically assume you've got a bum fan motor.

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How to Install a Ceiling Fan

It's easier than you think, even on an angled ceiling.

The 8 Best Beer Fridges for Your Garage or Man Cave

The best beer fridges are a lot more than just mini fridges you store brewskis in. We found the top...

How to Install a Duct Booster Fan

Fine tune your heating and cooling system

The Best Way to Clean a Greasy Kitchen Range Hood Filter

The standard way to clean the filter from a kitchen exhaust fan is to stick it in the dishwasher.

How to Install a Ceiling Fan Remote

Upgrade your fan with a ceiling fan remote.

21 Bunk Bed Ideas for Instant Inspiration!

Fan Spotlight: These Family Handyman readers put their woodworking and carpentry skills to good use, designing fun and functional bunk...