Why Not Having a Jack and Jill Bathroom is a Deal Breaker for Homebuyers

Updated: Jun. 15, 2024

The so-called Jack and Jill bathroom is making a comeback, and it's easy to see why homebuyers have jumped on the bandwagaon.

Jack and Jill Bathroomurfin/Shutterstock

Do you remember the Brady Bunch? Of course you do. And do you remember their amazing bathroom, that had doors from two bedrooms and the hallway, that made sharing a bathroom between six kids a cinch? Well now the so-called Jack and Jill bathroom is making a comeback, and it’s easy to see why homebuyers have jumped on the bandwagon.

Save Space and Money

Today’s homebuyers are looking to get the best possible value out of their property, and that includes making the best use of every square foot. So rather than taking up that valuable space by attaching a bathroom to each bedroom (not to mention the expense), savvy buyers are capitalizing on the reduced footprint required for a Jack and Jill bathroom.

Several People Can Share

If you’ve got several kids, a Jack and Jill bathroom lets them have privacy when needed for showering, etc., while letting them double up for shared routines like teeth brushing and hair styling. And, couples love the double or extra-large mirrors in a shared bathroom—no more need for one person stooping to apply mascara while another is tip-toeing to perfect their hairstyle.

Dual Facilities are Essential

Dual facilities are a must to get the most from your Jack and Jill bathroom. Twin vanity sinks and twin mirrors are great for shared routines, and the vanity doesn’t have to break the budget. Always allow plenty of storage space for toiletries and other essentials, as well as a spot for lots of towels.

Locks on All the Doors

A Jack and Jill bathroom has a lock on both sides of each door, meaning the bedrooms can stay private too. Be sure to remind everyone to unlock all the doors when they’re done in the bathroom to avoid lockouts.

A Hallway Entrance is Handy

One of the disadvantages of a Jack and Jill bathroom can be the need to walk through a bedroom to reach the bathroom. This is especially awkward for guests. So, an entrance from the hallway, like the Brady Bunch had, solves this problem and maintains the privacy of the bedrooms.

So, with today’s homebuyers looking to save money and space, a Jack and Jill bathroom could be the feature that tips the scales when they’re looking for the property of their dreams.