How to Select the Best Trex Decking Colors for Your Outdoor Space

Updated: Jun. 12, 2024

Here are some tips and tricks on choosing the Trex decking colors that will best complement your home.

trex decking colors

Picture this: you and your family gathered outside, seated on comfortable cushioned furniture. Charming string lights hang above as you roast marshmallows over a fire pit table. Sounds perfect, right? You can create a cozy scene like this with the help of an outdoor deck. But, before the deck of your dreams can become a reality, you must make a lot of choices and one is to choose a deck color. Here are our tips for picking just the right hue of decking to complement your home.

What is Trex Decking?

Trex decking is a composite wood product that will last for years. It resists termites, won’t rot, warp or splinter, and never needs staining or painting. Plus, you can have peace of mind regarding the environmental impact of your deck because Trex decking is made from 95% recycled materials.

How to Choose Your Trex Decking Color

Trex decking is available in 23 colors, so there’s likely one that will be perfect for your deck or patio project. You want the deck to compliment your home and look like it was meant to be part of the elevation. (The wrong color can make the deck look like an afterthought.) We’ll help you make the right decision with these simple steps.

Trex Decking Color Options

The variety of colors that Trex decking is available in makes it easy to find decking that matches with your home design and style. Trex decking comes in three different color families: grays, browns and reds. You can explore all of the different shades within those families with the Trex Color Selector, an online tool that lets you see examples of all of the different colored deck boards and how they look in use.

Consider the Color of Your Home

The first thing to do while deck building is to ensure your deck looks like it belongs with your home and to closely consider the exterior color of your home.  If your home is a warm beige, tan or off-white, choose from the brown and red families. If your home has cool undertones of gray, stark white or blue, stick with colors from the gray family.

Think About Style

Just as important as the current color of your home, is the style. The architectural style of your home can help lead you in the right direction when choosing your deck color. Gray decking has undercurrents of blue and can evoke thoughts of the beach or can also look great in a city setting. The gray colors look best with Cape Cod-style homes and homes with a more modern feel. Warm and natural browns are the most popular color family, and we can see why—they look beautiful paired with almost any style of home. But, keep in mind the darker browns make more of a dramatic statement, and are better suited for Craftsman-style or Mediterranean homes. Deck colors in the red family are classic, yet unique. If your home has any brick siding, you might want to try a reddish-brown deck to coordinate.

Order Samples

Looking at a deck color on your computer screen or even in a store is not the same as seeing it in your outdoor space. Once you’ve narrowed down a few Trex decking colors, order a sample of each so you can see what they look like next to your house. You can order samples online for $5 each. Set the samples outside where your deck will be, and be sure to view them in daylight as well as at night with your exterior lights on. Different lighting can change how a color looks and may affect your decision.