This Is the Proper Temperature To Paint Your Home

No paint cracks will occur if you do it at this temperature!

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Nervous to paint your house in humid weather? You would think paint would have a hard time drying in high humidity, but it honestly depends on the type of paint you use. If you’re planning on painting the exterior of your house, the type of paint (along with the humidity and temperature) will determine how successful the paint drying will be.

According to Danny Lipford of Today’s Homeowner, there are different rules of thumb when it comes to different types of paint. For an oil-based paint, the best temperature to apply is between 40 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. For latex-based paints, it’s 50 to 85 degrees.

As for humidity levels, the best drying will occur between 40 and 70 percent humidity. If you’re not sure the humidity levels for that day, check on your weather app or even online to find out humidity levels. Most weather trackers will provide a humidity percentage when reporting the temperature for the day.

Why does temperature matter?

When painting the house, the temperature is a huge factor in your house having a smooth and proper finish. Drying with temperatures that are too low or too high could mean cracking and peeling for the paint!

Also, keep in mind how hot it is under the sun. If your house has direct lines of sunlight, the paint could get even warmer.

The best time to paint is…

Based on these findings, the best time would likely be in the spring or fall. You’ll be working with cooler temperatures and won’t have to worry about hotter temperatures if the house is directly under the sun.

Now that you have a time set to paint your home, time to get painting! Here are some exterior painting tips and techniques that will help you get started.

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