Stanley Black & Decker Just Recalled Sledgehammers—Here’s What We Know

Updated: Dec. 07, 2023

If you have one of the affected products, you're eligible for a refund—here's how to get it.

As of April 20, 2023, the Fortune 500 manufacturing company Stanley Black & Decker has recalled over 2.2 million sledgehammers in the United States (and 53,000 in Canada). The affected products include 25 models of sledgehammers across three different brands that pose a threat to users due to a manufacturing error. Read on to learn everything you need to know about the sledgehammer recall, including which products are affected and how owners of these products should proceed.

What Stanley Black & Decker Products Were Recalled?

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has announced the recall of certain DeWALT, Stanley and Craftsman sledgehammers. According to its website, the affected sledgehammers can weigh between 2 and 12 pounds and extend from 14 to 36 inches in length. The sledgehammers are either yellow and black (DeWALT and Stanley) or red and black (Craftsman) in color. Additionally, they were sold online by e-retailers, such as Amazon, and at hardware stores, such as The Home Depot and ACE Hardware, between November 2013 and November 2022 for between $18 and $26.

Why Were These Sledgehammers Recalled?

Worn Sledgehammer headIgermz/Getty Images

The CPSC states that “[t]he head of the sledgehammers can loosen prematurely and detach unexpectedly during use, posing an impact injury hazard to the user.” According to CBS’s KKTV in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Stanley Back & Decker has so far received 192 reports of the sledgehammer heads detaching and “a couple of instances” of people suffering head and face injuries as a result.

How Do I Know If I Have a Recalled Product?

To know if you have a recalled product, you should first check the brand name and model number of your sledgehammer. To find the brand name, look at the sledgehammer’s handle. Then, if you have a DeWALT or Craftsman sledgehammer, check the hammerhead for the model number. If you have a Stanley sledgehammer, check the sticker on the hammer handle. From there, search for your brand and model number in the list below.

These are the model numbers and descriptions of the 25 affected sledgehammers according to Stanley Black & Decker’s website:

DeWALT Models Impacted

  • DWHT56141: 2 LB Fiberglass Drilling Hammer
  • DWHT56142: 3 LB Fiberglass Drilling Hammer
  • DWHT56143: 2-1/2 LB Fiberglass Engineering Hammer
  • DWHT56146: 2-1/2 LB Fiberglass Blacksmith Hammer
  • DWHT56147: 4 LB Fiberglass Blacksmith Hammer
  • DWHT56148: 4 LB Fiberglass Engineering Hammer
  • DWHT56024: 4 LB Drilling Sledgehammer – Hollow Handle
  • DWHT56025: 4 LB BS Sledgehammer – Hollow Handle
  • DWHT56026: 4 LB ENG Sledgehammer – Hollow Handle
  • DWHT56027: 6 LB Sledgehammer – Hollow Handle
  • DWHT56029: 10 LB Sledge 36″ Hammer – Hollow Handle
  • DWHT56030: 12 LB Sledgehammer – Hollow Handle

Stanley Models Impacted

  • FMHT51297: 4 LB Engineer Hammer
  • FMHT51298: 4 LB Blacksmith Hammer
  • FMHT51308: 3 LB Drilling Hammer
  • FMHT56006: 3 LB Drilling Hammer
  • FMHT56008: 4 LB Blacksmith Hammer
  • FMHT56009: 4 LB Engineer Hammer
  • FMHT56010: 6 LB FATMAX Sledgehammer
  • FMHT56011: 8 LB FATMAX Sledgehammer
  • FMHT56019: 10 LB FATMAX Sledgehammer

Craftsman Models Impacted

  • CMHT54163: 4 LB Engineering Hammer
  • CMHT56006: 3 LB Drilling Hammer
  • CMHT56011: 8 LB Sledgehammer
  • CMHT56019: 10 LB Sledgehammer

What Should I Do If I Have a Recalled Product?

If you have a recalled product, stop using the sledgehammer immediately. To receive a refund for the faulty sledgehammer, you can either submit a form through each brand’s website or call Stanley Black & Decker toll-free at (855) 418-3032. Phone lines are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. EST. Find each brand’s online form and refund instructions below: