Should Your Garage Door Match Your House Color?

There are a lot of design rules out there, find out if your garage door should match your house’s paint color.

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Picking the right garage door color takes consideration of several factors. Should your garage door much your house color? Yes, your garage door should match your house color but it can also complement your home’s color.

What is the Most Popular Color for Garage Doors?

White is the most popular color for garage doors. Sarah Fisher, vice president of marketing and design at H.A. Fisher Homes told Fagan Door, a Rhode Island garage door company, that white helps balance out almost all home designs. “Regardless of the elevation style, exterior finishes or details, white complements best and creates an overall crisp and uniform appearance that is pleasing to the eye,” Fisher said.

Do You Want to Hide Your Garage Door or Do You Want to Feature It?

A garage door is one of the largest portions of your home’s exterior and you can make it work for you in several ways. If your garage door faces the street, you’ll likely want to feature it, provided it’s in good condition. If your garage door isn’t great looking, a coat of paint will only help to hide it. Hiding your garage door will draw attention to other parts of the house and if you’ve done recent exterior work, it’s a good bet to put your garage door in the background with a color that blends into the house. Plus: check out this incredible garage door makeover.

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How to Pick a Garage Door Color

The best way to pick a garage door color is to take a look at the color wheel. All those lessons in school about complementary colors and analogous colors will come in handy. For a quick brush-up, complementary colors are opposite of each other while analogous colors are next to each other. If you need ideas on what to paint your garage door, we’ve got you covered with our garage door painting guide. It’ll take you through several different house colors to find the right color for your garage door.

Should Your Garage Door Match Your Front Door?

The answer to “Should your garage door match your front door?” is no. Your front door should attract more attention than your garage door so you don’t want your garage door to distract from your front door. You’re better off trying to match your garage door color with the shutters or the trim.

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