8 Garage Paint Ideas For the Floor, Door and Interior Walls

Want to upgrade your garage? Check out these clever garage paint ideas for your garage door, floor and walls.

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Garage Paint Ideas

Your garage is an extension of your home and serves many functions. Often, a garage is a storage space, a workshop and a hangout space. Many garages are mostly unfinished spaces but this doesn’t mean they should stay that way. Not only do painted walls and floors look better, they’re easier to clean, make the inside of your garage look brighter and allow you to add some easy customization.

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Garage Floor Paint Ideas

Painting a garage floor not only makes the garage look cleaner, it helps keep the inside of your home clean, offers some floor protection and is relatively inexpensive. You can always find a garage flooring option that’s perfect for your needs and budget.

The key when choosing the best paint for your garage floor is to choose the right formulation for the best wear. All Garage Floors notes there are generally two garage floor paint options to choose from: Latex acrylic paint for concrete floors, and pre-mixed 1-part epoxy garage floor paint. “Hands down, your best choice between the two is the 1-part epoxy paint,” the company notes. The epoxy mixed in with the paint helps create “a paint that is more resistant to mold and mildew, chemicals, gasoline stains, oil, scuff marks and chipping.”

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Garage Floor Paint Colors

When choosing a garage floor paint color, think about what’s important to you. If you want to hide tire marks and stains, go with a darker color. If you’re looking to lighten your garage space, try a lighter gray. Besides garage floor paint, consider concrete stain or concrete sealer. Learn about these garage floor paint color ideas here.

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Garage Door Paint Ideas

A garage door is one of the largest portions of your home’s exterior and you can make it work for you in several ways. If your garage door faces the street, you’ll likely want to feature it.

The best way to pick a garage door color is to take a look at the color wheel and pick complementary colors that are next to each other. If you need ideas on what to paint your garage door, we’ve got you covered with our garage door painting guide. It’ll take you through several different house colors to find the right color for your garage door.

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The Best Paint Color for a Garage Door

White is the most popular color for garage doors. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the best paint color for garage doors, but it is the most popular. Sarah Fisher, vice president of marketing and design at H.A. Fisher Homes, told Fagan Door, a Rhode Island garage door company, that white helps balance out almost all home designs. “Regardless of the elevation style, exterior finishes or details, white complements best and creates an overall crisp and uniform appearance that is pleasing to the eye,” Fisher said.

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Consider Stained Wood Garage Doors

A natural wood garage door can add warmth and a sense of depth to the exterior of your home no matter what color, according to Clopay, a nationwide garage door company. “Wood doors provide strength and inherent insulating properties, but they do require regular maintenance to safeguard it from the elements,” the company said. “Depending on the exposure, a wood door should be repainted every one to two years. Stained doors will need a top coat applied just as often per the manufacturer’s recommendation.” Wood garage doors can come in all shades, from light to dark, which makes it easy to find exactly the right color to work with your home’s exterior. Follow these tips for installing a garage door.

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Garage Wall Paint Ideas

Garage wall colors will greatly effect your space’s lighting conditions. This is an important factor to consider in an area where you’ll be parking your vehicles, hanging out, and hopefully use regularly as a workshop. However, keep in mind that a lighter garage wall paint shade will also make dirt and grime more evident.

Neutral colors like gray, beige or tan will be easier to clean and maintain than a white shade. Also consider using a semigloss paint because it will make dirt less evident and is easy to wipe clean.

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Types of Paint for Garage Walls

The garage isn’t the place for a flat finish paint. Flat finish paint is easy to scuff and get dirty, making it difficult to clean. If your garage walls are drywall, consider a semigloss paint. With this type of paint, you’ll be able to wash away mildew, dirt and scuff marks by simply using soap and water.