Why You Should Shop Bullseye’s Playground, Target’s Online Dollar Section

Updated: Jun. 07, 2023

Introducing the revamped Target dollar section, Bullseye’s Playground, which is chock full of all the things you can’t live without, priced from $1-$5.

If you’ve ever left the Target dollar section, once called The One Spot, with $50 in merchandise, then you already well know the power of The Target Spell.

Perhaps you’ve then noticed that the in-store Target dollar section has gotten a makeover in recent months, and with it a makeover in strategy. It’s now called Bullseye’s Playground—named after the famed, adorable Target mascot—and features much of the same great gear at wonderfully affordable prices. Now it’s available online, too.

The Beauty of Bullseye’s Playground

Yes, it is true: You can now shop the joy that is the former Target dollar section in your PJs. No more running to several different locations to complete a project with supplies or stock up when bins are empty.

Bullseye’s Playground really shines when it comes to a few different areas, namely: Holidays; seasonal home décor and entertaining pieces; and supplies and toys for kids and educators alike.

Shopping Bullseye’s Playground

A quick sweep of the online results at the time of this writing turns up super-cute holiday décor such as these bells in trendy hunter green at a fraction of the price of other brands—even other brands within Target! Then there’s stylish Hanukkah cookie cutters and cards.

Or what about small gifts or stocking stuffers such as metal reusable straws, paint-your-own-squishy-toys, or coordinating set of scented candles, which you could wrap in adorable, reusable state-specific bags?

Teachers, Take Note

Educators will go nuts for all the teaching props and supplies, such as sweetly designed wooden pointers, educational wall decals, and interactive, inflatable balls.

And that’s just truly the reinvented Target dollar spot at a glance. Totes, socks, trays, toys, planter stands, fashion accessories, craft kits and more—all at $1 to $5 per piece. It’s also worth noting that most things currently on the site must be purchased in multi-packs, so you truly can’t buy just one. Might we suggest splitting an order with friends or fellow teachers?

The product mix will switch up every eight weeks to keep up with seasons and customer demand.

Watch out, wallets!