Scotts Elite Spreader: Complete Buyers Guide with Reviews

Updated: Mar. 18, 2024

Bigger, Better, Faster. Scotts Elite Spreader is an upgrade from the Mini and DLX spreaders. With a generous six-foot spread and a larger load capacity, you’ll spend less time filling the hopper and cover more ground than ever before.

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A lawn spreader is an essential garden tool for all seasons, but it can be hard to find a reliable option that holds enough product. Enter the Scotts Elite Spreader. This spreader broadcasts ice melt, fertilizer and grass seed with ease—and even has an upgraded six-foot spread pattern (compared to the traditional five). Experts love Scotts Elite because of features like the ergonomic handle, the drop-lock lever, and durable, all-terrain wheels.

Fertilizing is key to maintaining a healthy lawn and garden and controlling weeds. If weeds have taken over, reseeding your lawn might be the best option. Give your lawn the boost it craves with the help of the Scotts Elite Spreader.

What is the Scotts Elite Spreader?

The Scotts Elite Spreader is a manual push spreader designed to broadcast seed, fertilizer and ice melt. The 72-inch reach is a foot wider than the average spreader, which makes it simple to get the job done quickly.

The lightweight plastic body makes this spreader easy to maneuver. For less hand fatigue, the drop lever locks in place for pressure-free operation. It even has a cell phone holder (hold the applause, we know it’s awesome).

Thanks to the Elite’s dual rotors, spreading evenly and covering a wide area is no big deal. Plus, you’ll never worry about flat tires with Scotts Elite Spreader because the 10-inch wheels are foam-filled, which means losing air won’t be a problem.

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Is Scotts Elite Spreader a broadcast or drop spreader?

The Scott Elite Spreader is a walk-behind broadcast spreader.

How many pounds does the Scotts Elite Spreader hold?

This spreader has a larger load capacity than most other spreaders. The Elite spreader is capable of feeding 20,000 square feet of lawn. The weight capacity is not provided, but users have reported that when the hopper is filled with a 50 pound bag, the machine is still stable.

How do I know what spreader setting to use?

The Scotts Elite Spreader has 15 settings. Follow the package directions on your fertilizer, seed or weed control product to determine which setting to use.

Does Scotts Elite Spreader have Edge Guard?

Yes. Edge guard gives you more control to protect areas like driveways and vegetable gardens. You can block the spray on the right side by simply flipping a lever.

Elite Edgegard Spreader Ecomm Walmart.comFamily Handyman


  • Never-flat foam filled tires
  • Wide spread
  • Drop lock
  • Easy to assemble
  • Simple to use and maneuver
  • Spreads evenly
  • Right side edge guard


  • Unit wobbles when full
  • Handle height is not adjustable

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The Best Amazon User Reviews

Amazon Customer, review of Scotts Elite Spreader, “Easy to assemble. Easy to use. Nice hand controls. Quality built. Quick shipping. No problem.”

Amazon reviewer Gila Monster says, “This model is definitely a cut above the other spreaders made by Scott. It is quite well constructed and has lots of nice features like a large hopper, four drop holes, and dual spreader mechanisms. The wheels on this are very nice as well and the edge guard feature works well. Very easy and effective to use and should provide years of use if maintained properly. Beats the pants off of every other spreader I have used. And it’s attractive to boot!”

Patty P on Amazon used the Scotts Speedy 3000 in the past, “I have used my Elite twice and the job was completed in no time. I did not have to struggle as much going up slope on the perimeters nor across. It spreads more efficiently. Pay the extra, save some time and get professional results.”

Where to Buy the Scotts Elite Spreader

Elite Edgegard Spreader Ecomm Walmart.comFamily Handyman

Give your lawn a treat with the help of Scotts Elite. Grab yours now at Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart or Amazon.

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