The Most Essential Products for New Homeowners

Updated: Dec. 06, 2023

From cleaning supplies to tools, here's a list of everything you'll need for your new home.

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Buying a house is rarely as simple as getting the keys and settling in. Even if you didn’t buy a fixer-upper, you’ll most likely want to give your new place some level of customization, from painting the walls to refinishing the floors (and you’ll probably want to change the locks, too.) Another thing to be ready for is ongoing maintenance like yard work, repairing a broken toilet or even keeping your new place clean.

Here’s a list of some of the most essential products, tools and other supplies you’ll need as you settle into your new house.

Home Renovations

While it’s generally a good idea to wait a year and get to know your house before knocking down walls and undertaking major renovations, projects like painting or installing new lights are an easy way to personalize and make your new home even more comfortable.

Homeowner Tools

You will need some tools to take care of your new home. Start with these three essential tools: A tape measure, a multi-utility knife, and an easy-to-store ladder. You’ll find that these are the things you’ll use repeatedly. In addition to those tools, we also recommend:

Kitchen and Bathroom Supplies

Most families end up spending as much time in the kitchen as any room in the house, so it’s important to get your kitchen organized to make the most of it. And you’ll obviously want your bathroom to be as comfortable as possible, too. Here are a few suggestions for what you’ll need.


In most cases, your new house will already have all the home appliances you need. However, it’s not unusual for the previous owner to have taken the washer and dryer with them, in which case, you’ll need to get your own.

Lawn Care

A lush lawn will have you spending a lot more time outdoors. It might even make you the envy of the neighborhood. But all that green grass is going to require some care and maintenance. Here are the products you need to make it happen:

Outdoor Living

There’s nothing better than kicking up your heels and relaxing in the backyard after a long day—or even a short one. Therefore, you’ll want to get your patio or outdoor living space set up just right. From our favorite fire pit to an inflatable hot tub, here are some of our favorite things for your outdoor oasis.

Cleaning Supplies

Sorry, you’re going to have to clean your house. However, if you follow a few simple cleaning tips and use the right equipment, it’ll be easier than you think. Here are a few things to get you started.

Storage Solutions

You don’t want to live out of boxes forever. Having the right storage solutions for your home makes it easy to unpack without leaving a trail of clutter.

Design and Decor

After moving in and unpacking, the next step is dialing in your interior design. Even if you choose to wait to fully launch into the interior design for your home, you will want some basic furniture and accessories to start enjoying your new home right away. Remember as you get started that quality furniture can last a lifetime if you take good care of it.

Garage Organization

Your garage is for more than just cars. It’s often a workshop and the place where your adventures begin. But you’ll want to organize your garage so that it’s not a cluttered mess keeping you from doing the things you want.

Home Security

Home security is more than just keeping your home safe from unwanted intruders with home security systems—though that’s important, too—it’s also about preventing and being prepared for emergencies with things like flashlights and fire extinguishers.