John Deere Just Debuted an All-Electric Riding Lawn Mower

Updated: Mar. 26, 2024

Looking for a new riding lawn mower? John Deere has just released the Z370R, a zero-turn electric riding lawn mower. Learn about it here.

When it comes to buying a lawn mower, there’s a growing trend of electric replacing traditional gas-powered models. Electric lawn mowers have a number of advantages over gas: less noise, easier maintenance, no exhaust smell and of course more eco-friendly. Several mower manufacturers have released electric machines of both the push and riding style, and John Deere is now adding its name to that list. Currently, the John Deere Z370R Electric ZTrak is available for pre-order. Here’s what you need to know about this machine.

What’s John Deere’s New All-Electric Lawn Mower?

John Deere Ztrak 370r First electric Mower with Woman mowing the lawnCourtesy John Deere

The John Deere Z370R is a zero-turn electric riding lawn mower. That means it’s fully battery-powered and doesn’t need any gas or oil. Like all electric machines, the lack of combustible fuel also eliminates the need to winterize—apart from parking the mower in a sheltered space and bringing the batteries indoors. Plus, one of the benefits of an electric vs. gas lawnmower it that it’s quieter than its gas-fueled counterparts, so you’re less likely to disturb the neighbors during your morning lawncare routine.

It’s zero-turn functionality means it turns as sharply around corners and tight spaces, thanks to front wheels that rotate 360 degrees.

The Z370R charges with a regular extension cord plugged into a 110-volt outlet, so there’s no need to remove batteries or store a charger. The 3.56 kWH battery capacity, 42-inch mower deck and 2-acre maximum mow per charge are fairly average among other reputable electric mower brands. What isn’t average is the battery’s 5-year warranty, or the waterproof casing built over it to allow stress-free hose washes.

Like other John Deere mowers, this machine comes with MulchControl technology, which allows you to switch between normal mowing and mulching easily on the fly.

When Will It Be Available?

According to John Deere’s website, if you pre-order the Z370R today you can expect it to arrive at your local dealer for pickup within 7 to 10 months.

Where Can I Get It?

The Z370R is currently available for pre-order on the John Deere website. At $6,400, this mower is at the more expensive end of the electric mower spectrum. Time will tell if the robust design and claims of cleaner, faster cuts justify the cost.