Joetisserie: The Next Big Grilling Accessory?

Take your grilling skills to the next level with the Joetisserie, an accessory that bastes your meat to juicy perfection. 

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Ready to wow your guests with tender baby back ribs or a juicy turkey? Grab a versatile tool, like the top-rated Joetisserie and become your neighborhood’s backyard grill master. This rotisserie accessory allows users to produce gorgeous and flavorful charcoal-grilled meat without undue hassle.

Curious about how it works? We’re glad you asked! Similarly to the giant rotisserie ovens in the grocery store, the Joetisserie carefully turns the meat for optimal heating throughout the cooking process. This process allows the meat to get perfectly crispy on the outside while remaining juicy and tender on the inside. Our mouths are watering as we speak. 

You don’t need an expensive smart grill to have perfect meat—take your grilling to the next level with the help of the Joetisserie. 

What is the Joetisserie?

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The Joetisserie is a stainless-steel spit rod accessory compatible with most Kamado grills. In fact, the Joetisserie is available in a variety of sizes to help you find your grill’s ideal fit.

Juicy and tender is the name of the game, which is fortunate considering this accessory self-bastes your meat for a succulent meal. Whether you’re using this tool to create delectable meals for yourself or for a crowd, the Joetisserie delivers. We’re impressed with the hefty weight capacity of up to 50 pounds—that’s a lot of juicy meat. Plus, this lightweight accessory is actually quite powerful thanks to the 120-volt motor, which keeps your meat spinning while you entertain guests.

What type of grill is compatible with the Joetisserie?

The Classic Joe Series Joetisserie 18-inch spit is compatible with Kamado Joe Classic series I, II, III, the Large Big Green Egg grills and other 18-inch charcoal grills. If you have an XL Big Green Egg or other Big Joe series grills by Kamado, you’re still in luck. The Big Joe Series Joetisserie is designed to fit 24-inch charcoal grills like a dream.


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Comes in a variety of sizes
  • Quiet motor
  • Holds up to 50 lbs of meat
  • Easy to use


  • Price may be expensive for some

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How to Use the Joetisserie

The Joetisserie is easy to assemble, use and clean. And that’s why we love it. To get started, here’s what you need to do:

First, put your charcoal in your grill basket toward the back rather than in the center. Next, use your fire starters to get your coals going and center the Joetisserie wedge ring inside the grill to ensure a tight seal. After, attach the power unit and plug it into a nearby outlet. Lastly, place the meat on the spit and drop it into place. We recommend using a meat thermometer to monitor the temperature for best results.

Clean-up is easyjust pop it in the dishwasher with no scrubbing needed.

Amazon Joetisserie User Reviews

Wondering what the peanut gallery has to say about the Joetisserie? Wonder no more—we knew you’d be curious:

Customer JohnBoy posted his review on Amazon saying, “Joe meets the Egg. Saw this and thought it might work on my Green Egg. Since then I’ve done both chickens – turkey – and a roast on the rotisserie. All turned out to be the BEST Chicken and turkey I’ve ever grilled.”

Vustadumas is a five-star fan saying, “I have other KJ Big Joe accessories (SLO Roller, DoeJoe) and love them, but I waited on the Joetisserie for years. I didn’t see the need. How wrong I was. This is THE accessory to get. Perfectly cooked meat, every time. Combined with a MEATER+ The Joetisserie is the best KJ add on hands down.”

“Add high drama to your grilling,” says customer William N. Jardine. “This rotisserie is a total game changer from ho-hum grilling and smoking to high drama! Everyone wants a look and starts drooling as smokey flavors scent the air. Even without seasoning this chicken will taste great, just from the drippings sizzling on the coals!”

Where to Buy the Joetisserie Rotisserie

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Ready to get the juices flowing? The Joetisserie is now available at Lowe’s, Home Depot, Wayfair, Ace Hardware and Amazon

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