Here’s the Easiest Way to Hang Christmas Lights on Bricks

Hanging lights on brick surfaces doesn't have to be difficult. Here's how to do it without damaging anything.

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For most homes, hanging outdoor Christmas lights is pretty straightforward. You can usually attach light strands or other decorations to the siding, soffit, or window frames with a nail or some staples.

But what if you live in a brick home? You can’t just sink a finishing nail into the mortar. Even if your home isn’t brick on the outside, you may run into this issue indoors when hanging holiday decorations around a brick fireplace or a similar rugged surface.

Not to worry. Here are several easy solutions for hanging holiday lights and decorations on brick, inside and outside of your home.

Hot Glue Gun

Sure, you could use masonry anchors and fasteners, but those will leave marks in your brick work. Instead, try a hot glue gun. Just put a small dab on the light or the surface of the decoration you want to hang, then press it onto the brick surface for 10 to 20 seconds, giving the glue time to harden.

Here’s the best part: When it’s time to take down your lights and decorations, the glue should peel right off without leaving a mark. If you’re having trouble getting the glue off, a little rubbing alcohol should remove it.

Another thing to consider is the size of the lights. Consider using larger lights on brick so you’ll have more surface room to work with when hanging them with glue or mounting tape (see below).

Brick Clips

Brick clips are another good solution because the hooks don’t have to be drilled into the surface. They attach to the facing where the brick sticks out from the mortar. The top part of the clip usually has little teeth to grip the surface. However, these clips won’t work if your brick and mortar surfaces are flush or nearly flush.

The clips can support as much as 25 to 30 pounds — more than enough for a string of Christmas lights. Did you know that you can even hang Christmas lights on palm trees?

Outdoor Mounting Tape

A third option is outdoor mounting tape. Just attach the tape to the back of the object you’re going to hang, like a Christmas light, and press it onto the surface for 60 seconds or so.

The adhesive is strong and can be hard to remove. If you can’t get it off or if it left some residue, a little rubbing alcohol and some elbow grease should clear it up. Tape will work best on smoother masonry surfaces. And be aware that it can remove paint.

Ryan Van Bibber
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