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Meet Our Contributors

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FH is a trusted source for pro and DIY home improvement information and advice, created by our dedicated editorial staff and growing team of expert freelance contributors.

Meet some of our featured writers below. Want to become one? Check out our FH Editorial Guidelines.

Meet our contributors.

Electrical John Williamson Family Handyman

John Williamson is a licensed master electrician and certified building official who spent 45 years as an electrician, inspector, instructor and administrator. He also spent three decades consulting on and writing about electrical DIY projects for book, magazine and digital publishers.

After retiring as Chief Electrical Inspector for the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry in 2021, John has thoroughly enjoyed working on his never-ending list of workshop and DIY projects.

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Gardening Susan Martin Family Handyman

Susan Martin is a lifelong gardener who enjoys sharing her passion for plants, gardening and the business of horticulture with fellow plant enthusiasts across North America. She spent more than two decades working in the horticulture industry on new plant development, garden design, sales, marketing and consulting.

Susan has received visitors from around the world in her home garden, which has been featured in numerous gardening publications. Her goal is to inspire and educate people every day about how to garden.

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Décor Design And Trends Katie Dohman Family Handyman

Katie Dohman is an award-winning freelance writer who has covered home, design and lifestyle topics for more than 15 years. She loves sharing home products and trends with readers, as well as putting her extensive mental design catalog to work.

Katie and her architect husband are gutting and renovating their beloved 1921 French Revival home and property, with a goal to take it from Grey Gardens to a gothy Wes Anderson domicile. She’s off to a good start with a trio of gargoyles guarding the yard.

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Carpentry And Diy Chris Deziel Family Handyman

After graduating from the University of Western Ontario with a physics degree, Chris Deziel thought he was going to be a scientist. Instead, he found a different calling. He spent more than thirty years in the remodeling and landscaping trades, specializing in carpentry, cabinetry and furniture refinishing. He earned most of his building chops during the construction of a small city in the Oregon desert.

Chris parlayed his fascination with building and maintaining houses into a writing career, publishing or consulting on thousands of articles since 2010. He is currently turning his off-grid California property into a dedicated solar homestead.

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Carpentry Tools And Diy Dan Stout Family Handyman

Dan Stout is a former residential remodeler, commercial site supervisor and maintenance manager turned freelance writer and author. He has worked on nearly all aspects of building and DIY, including project planning and permitting, plumbing, basic electric, drywall, carpentry, tiling and painting. Dan also publishes noir fantasy thrillers, including The Carter Archives, from Penguin imprint DAW Books.

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Lawn Care Joe Churchill Family Handyman

Joe Churchill is a Turf Specialist who collaborates with people who grow grass for a living, from lawn care providers to professional sports turf managers. His idea of a perfect workday is walking a baseball field or taking a soil sample for a client. He’s always happy to coach beleaguered lawn owners, whether through his FH content or in the grass seed aisle of his local garden center.

When Joe doesn’t have his grass-growing cap on, he likes to spend time outdoors, especially climbing rocks along Lake Superior’s North Shore.

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Nature Green Living And Profiles Karuna Eberl Family Handyman

A writer and indie film producer, Karuna Eberl covers the outdoors and nature side of DIY, exploring wildlife, green living, travel and gardening. She also writes FH’s Eleven Percent column, about dynamic women in the construction workforce.

Karuna and her husband are on the final stretch of renovating an abandoned house in a near-ghost town in rural Colorado. When they’re not working, you can find them hiking and traveling the backroads, camping in their self-converted van.

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Automotive Bob Lacivita Family Handyman

An ASE Master Automotive Technician since 1978, Bob Lacivita was a General Motors Master Technician for 21 years before moving into technical and career education. As an automotive teacher and later an administrator, he helped prepare the next generation of automotive service and trade professionals. He put those mechanical skills into practice as a homeowner, too, teaming with his wife of 49 years on three extensive home renovations.

Bob has been part of the Family Handyman team since the 1990s, first as a contributing editor to the magazine and the bestselling Simple Car Care & Repair, and now as a regular digital contributor.

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Appliance Repair Scott Flint Family Handyman

Scott Flint, AKA The Fix-It Guy, is a professional appliance repair technician with more than 30 years experience. He enjoys empowering homeowners to confidently complete appliance repairs through his popular YouTube Channel and his content on FH.com.

A 9th Degree Black Belt in Kenpo Karate and longtime martial arts teacher and author, Scott’s calm manner and straightforward style makes complex repairs understandable. He was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he still lives with his wife. Their two children and two granddaughters live nearby.

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