Family Handyman Editorial Guidelines

We hire freelance contributors to write articles for our website, build projects, create videos and more. We’re always looking for more great freelance content creators and experts to join our team!

Our Content

FH is a trusted source for DIY home improvement information and advice. We cover topics including home maintenance and repairs, painting, carpentry, plumbing, electrical work, pest control, tool and appliance selection, organizing, cleaning, décor, automotive, gardening, lawn care, outdoor living and more. We have a variety of content dedicated to construction pros, as well.

Our Content Creators

Some of our contributors are subject matter pros. Others are excellent researchers and interviewers who track down pros to inform their words. It’s essential that our content comes from a place of expertise.

No matter which camp they’re in, all of our content creators are committed to providing straightforward, easy-to-read information that empowers readers to create the home they love.

Interested in creating original content for FH?

Send an email to [email protected] including:

  • Subject matter and/or writing/content creation experience and interests.
  • Links to your website and/or clips. 
  • Pitches, if desired. All pitches should include a proposed title and few-sentence description of the story and why you’re the one to write it for FH.

NOTE: We do not accept link requests or “unpaid” content. For advertising and other contact information, visit our Contact Us page.