DIY Washing Machine Repair: Easy Front Load Washer Fix

Updated: Nov. 28, 2022

If you have a front-load washer, at least once a year you should take a few moments to do this simple maintenance task.

washer fix

The Problem

Our washing machine stopped pumping out water during the discharge cycle and shut itself down. Instead of calling an appliance repair service, I took off the front access panel to poke around a bit. Seeing the big, obvious PVC cleanout plug, I unscrewed it to see what it was all about.

washer fix

The Solution

Holy smokes! About a gallon of water poured out before I pulled out what appeared to be a filter drawer. Inside were $2.52 in change, a clothing tag, a house key, three bobby pins, a golf tee, wadded pieces of paper, a jean rivet, a couple of nuts and a washer, plus some unidentifiable debris. I cleaned the drawer and put everything back, and the washer now works perfectly. If your washer stops working, give this a try. If this solves the problem, you’ve probably saved about $100 for a service call, not to mention the embarrassment of watching the repair technician pull off the same easy operation.

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