How Much Weight Can Drywall Anchors Hold?

Can drywall anchors really be trusted to bear their rated weight? We conducted a HomeLAB test to find out.

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drywall anchors weight testedFamily Handyman

When you need to hang something in a spot without a stud, drywall anchors are the way to go. But how much weight can drywall anchors hold? We were skeptical. So we picked up some drywall anchors at a local home center and a few others online to subject them to a stress test. Here’s what we found.

The HomeLAB Test:

We installed each anchor in one-half in. drywall, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Then we hung a tension scale from the anchor and fastened it to a hook screwed into a 2×4 fastened to the wall studs. We slowly twisted the turnbuckle and watched as the tension increased until the anchor buckled. Here’s how we tested each drywall anchor:

  • Tension scale: When tension is applied, this scale measures weight in pounds.

  • Turnbuckle: Turning increases the tension on the scale, providing a weight reading.

  • Hold-down: A 2×4 screwed to studs provides a solid base.

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The Results:

All the anchors we tested lived up to the claims, and all but one exceeded their weight rating.

drywall anchorFamily Handyman

Everbilt Ribbed

  • Claimed: 22 Lbs.
  • Tested: 80 Lbs.

Given the modest claim, we didn’t expect much from these, but we were amazed by their strength.

drywall anchor testedFamily Handyman

Cobra TripleGrip

  • Claimed: 45 Lbs.
  • Tested: 90 Lbs.

This heavier-duty anchor snaps into place when the screw is installed, but it performed about the same as the Everbilt Ribbed.

drywall anchor testesFamily Handyman

Pop Toggle

  • Claimed: 60 Lbs.
  • Tested: 130 Lbs.

This anchor clips to the back of the drywall and creates a tight bond. In our test, it held more than twice its rated weight.

drywall anchor testedFamily Handyman

E-Z Ancor Twist-N-Lock Medium Duty (Best Value)

  • Claimed: 75 LBS.
  • Tested: 100 LBS.

The E-Z Ancor is a great multipurpose choice. They’re widely available, inexpensive and easy to install (no need to drill a hole).

drywall anchor testedFamily Handyman

Toggler SNAPTOGGLE (Best Overall)

  • Claimed: 80 Lbs.
  • Tested: 180 Lbs.

This anchor held strong at 180 lbs., and we couldn’t turn the turnbuckle any more. They’re overkill for most projects, but sometimes the job calls for maximum strength.

drywall anchor testedFamily Handyman

Cobra DrillerToggle

  • Claimed: 90 Lbs.
  • Tested: 140 Lbs.

This anchor screws into drywall. Then, as you drive in a screw, a metal arm tightens against the back of the drywall.

drywall anchor testedFamily Handyman

WallClaw Anchors

  • Claimed: 90 Lbs.
  • Tested: 90 Lbs.

Easy to install with no drilling required (use a hammer), this stays true to its weight rating. But once over that, several popped right out of the drywall, leaving a big hole.