How to Fix a Sticking Tub Spout Diverter

Updated: Dec. 14, 2022

WD-40 is great for the bathroom, too

Family Handyman

Over time, the hard water in our area leaves deposits in the moving parts of the plumbing. When our tub spout diverter clogs, I use WD-40 with its spray nozzle curved up the spout to the diverter valve. A couple of sprays gets things loosened up and working again.— Jackson Tutt

New Nozzle in Town

Did you know WD-40 has a new flexible nozzle option that would make this handy hint even easier? Check out the WD-40 EZ-Reach, perfect for loosening up a sticking tub spout diverter!

wd-40 ez-reach nozzle

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Plus: A Complete Guide to Bathtub Repair
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