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    8 Ways To Add More Natural Light In Your Basement

    Does your gloomy basement have you feeling down in the dumps? Here are some ways to cheer things up with natural light, and many are DIY-able.

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    Rewiring a House: Why It Matters When Your House Was Built

    The age of your home determines a rewiring project's scope and scale. Here are the four key eras to consider.

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    What Is a HEPA Vacuum?

    It's one that can filter the smallest particles you can imagine out of the air you and your family breathe.

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    How To Calculate Air Duct Cleaning Cost

    Air duct cleaning isn't that expensive, but it's too much if you don't really need it. Find out here when...

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    How Much Electricity Does a Space Heater Use?

    If you're in the market for a portable electric space heater, remember to consider the operating costs. Here's what you...

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    Rewiring a House: How To Manage the Project

    Take charge of your home rewiring project. Follow these tips to ensure a positive outcome.

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    Light Switch Not Working? Try This.

    Light switches can't last forever with all the abuse they take. If one of yours stops working, here's what to...

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    6 Things To Know Before You Upgrade Your Thermostat

    Modern thermostats offer more functions than older ones. You can often swap a new one for an old one, but...

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    How To Use an Old Honeywell Thermostat

    Your old Honeywell thermostat is a workhorse with some nifty features, especially if it's programmable. Here's some help figuring out...

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    How Long Do Water Heaters Last?

    Water heaters don't last as long as most people think. Learn the telltale signs that you're due for a new...

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    What Type of Space Heater Is the Safest?

    This time of year, space heater use goes way up. So do fires. Know what you're buying, and stay safe...

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    How To Install a Sump Pump

    Flooding can ruin your basement and everything in it, but there's a solution. Learn how to install a sump pump...

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    12 Home Office Lighting Ideas

    Create a work environment that's beautiful and functional, too, with inspiration taken from these lighting ideas.

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    How To Clean a Tankless Water Heater

    Tankless water heaters are great, but mineral buildup can kill their efficiency fast. Here's how to clean a tankless water...

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    Here’s Why Purple LED Holiday Lights Make Some People Sick

    Can you get headaches from purple holiday lights? A lighting expert explains why that might happen and what you can...

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    Why Is My Furnace Blowing Cold Air?

    Is your furnace blowing cold air? Here are some troubleshooting tips and simple DIY repairs for the most common causes...

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    Rewiring a House: How To Hire a Pro

    Rewiring a house is a major undertaking. An electrical inspector offers tips on hiring the right pro for the...

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    How To Clean a Furnace Ignitor

    Have a gas furnace that won't light? Carbon deposits on the ignitor could be why. Learn how to clean a...

    The Savings Aren’t Over—Amazon Post Black Friday Deals Are Here!

    Cyber Week has a reputation for being the best time to snag savings, but these December Amazon deals are giving...

    The Best Smart Thermostats of 2022

    Find the best smart thermostat to control, adjust and monitor the temperature of your home directly from your smartphone or...

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    8 Simple Fixes if Your Heater Is Not Working

    If you suspect furnace problems, try these eight furnace fixes you can do yourself before calling a pro.

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    How To Light a Living Room With No Overhead Lighting

    The key to brightening up a living room without overhead lighting is layers. Here are our 13 picks, from top...

    The Best Infrared Space Heaters to Keep You Toasty All Winter Long

    These infrared space heaters are well-suited for indoor and outdoor use. They also start to work right away—no warm-up time...

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    LED Christmas Lights Are Best. Here’s Why.

    When it comes to holiday lights, there can be only one choice.

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    What Is a Heat Pump System?

    A heat pump doesn't generate heat; it transfers it from one place to another. It's an appliance with a bright...

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    Why Are My Christmas Lights Not Working?

    The good news is that there are only a few things can go wrong with holiday lights, and they're relatively...

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    8 Best Basement Lighting Ideas for a Remodel

    Brighten a dark basement with these lighting ideas for every budget.