Smart Light Switches

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We Tried Kasa Smart Switches, and They Seriously Upgraded Our Home Lighting

Looking to add smart home functionality without breaking the bank? The Kasa smart switch is a brilliant solution.

11 Voice Assistant Smart Home Products to Revolutionize Your Home

Gone are the days when you needed to press a button to control your environment. Now, you can control a...

How to Install Smart Light Switches In Your Home

Make your regular light switch smart in five easy steps!

How To Wire a 3-Way Light Switch

Stop walking across a dark room to turn on the light. Install a 3-way switch and control lights from two...

The 8 Best Smart Light Switches and Dimmers of 2024

Looking for the best smart light switch? These versions offer functionality, convenience and plenty of customization options.

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New Dusk-to-Dawn Light Bulbs for Your Outdoor Fixtures

GE's Dusk-to-Dawn light bulb is part of the new wave of LED lights bringing added functionality to our homes...

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How to Install a Dimmer Switch

How to Install a Dimmer Light Switch

Smart Light Switches

Easy-to-install smart light switches deliver more safety, convenience and can cut your energy bills.

Install a Wireless Light Switch

Control lights or outlets from up to 100 ft. away; without wiring or batteries!

How to Install a 3-Way Switch

Convert an existing two-way switch to a three-way switch and run new wire to the second switch location.