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10 Unique Brushes That Make Cleaning SO Much Easier

Cleaning your home shouldn't take hours. Owning the right tools for the job can save time and effort, so here are 10 unique cleaning brushes everyone should have on hand.

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3-in-1 Toilet Brush

No-one likes cleaning the toilet, but this clever 3-in-1 brush makes it easy to clean those hard-to-reach areas quickly and efficiently. With semi-rigid bristles that clean fully without scratching, the three separate areas of this brush clean the toilet bowl, the outer rim and under the rim simultaneously. And the ergonomic, wipe-clean handle won’t rust or tarnish.

Is your toilet looking a bit tired? Here’s how to decide whether to replace it.

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Deep-Clean Brush Set

It’s the annoying fiddly spots that often get overlooked when cleaning, but with this set of nylon deep-cleaning brushes, you’ll never miss a nook or cranny again. The larger brush in this twin set is perfect for cleaning grout, shower-door tracks and stovetops, while the smaller brush not only gets into tight spots easily but also has a wiper blade to clean drains and other crevices.

If your shower door still sticks after cleaning, here’s how to fix it.

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Drinking Straw Brushes

Banishing disposable straws is all very well, but how do make sure your reusable straws stay clean? By using this set of drinking straw brushes, that’s how! Made from food-grade stainless steel wire, and with durable nylon bristles, these brushes vary in length and diameter so you can clean any size straw, and you get three of each size. Plus, these brushes can be washed on the top rack of the dishwasher.

Looking for more ways to live waste-free? Check out our top tips.

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Track-Cleaning Brushes

Do you spend hours on the floor trying to maneuver dust and grime from your sliding door tracks? Save your knees and your patience with this 4-piece brush set, specially designed to easily clear dirt from your door and window tracks. The ergonomic handle makes this brush design easy to hold and manipulate, and the double-ended design contains a scraper for dislodging stubborn dirt and a brush for sweeping it away. The handy hole makes it easy to store.

Keep your patio doors sliding smoothly with our troubleshooting guide.

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Air Conditioner-Cleaning Brush

Who wants to face the heat of summer without air conditioning? But keeping your air-conditioning unit clean and dust-free can be a pain.

However, this set of three air conditioner cleaning brushes makes that task simple. The stiff wire bristles clean condenser fins and coils beautifully without damaging them, leaving your air conditioner ready to function perfectly, when needed. And, these brushes also work on refrigerator coils, evaporators and condensers.

You could double the life of your air conditioner by following these simple steps.

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Dryer Vent Brushes

Your clothes dryer will struggle to get things dry effectively if you allow lint to collect in the vent. In fact, lint build-up can pose a serious fire risk. So, improve the performance and limit the likelihood of fire with these specially designed dryer vent brushes. The 29-inch brushes have wooden handles and are flexible enough to reach the deepest spots easily, while the thick bristles are durable and efficient.

Installing an external dryer vent will improve performance even more—our step-by-step guide shows you how.

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Grill Grate Brush

Hands up—who loves a barbecue?! But, we all hate cleaning the grill grate afterward, don’t we? However, this cleverly designed bristle-free grill brush uses stainless steel wire coils to remove baked-on food and charcoal without scratching or damaging your grate. Suitable for gas, charcoal, iron, ceramic and porcelain grill grates, this brush will remove residue five times faster than other brushes.

Note: This brush is not suitable for mesh grates.

And, for the perfect home grilling, check out these 30 essential BBQ tools.

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Sink Drain Brush

Forget to prevent food waste from going down the sink drain and you could end up with a clog. If that happens, this 28-inch snake brush will delve into the darkest depths of your sink drain and remove all the built-up nastiness, leaving your sink to empty freely. This bendable brush is designed for durability and is easy for one person to operate. Plus, it works on sewers and toilets, too.

And, once you’ve cleared any blockage, check our this clever plumbing hack to keep your sink draining beautifully.

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Electronics-Cleaning Brush

OK, so we all knew that a computer keyboard can harbor more germs than a toilet seat, didn’t we? But, that doesn’t have to be the case in your home. This silicone electronics cleaning brush has soft bristles to whisk away the dust without damaging the delicate mechanisms of your computer keyboard, as well as other gadgets like cell phones, camera lenses and more. And when you’re done, the bristles retract to keep them clean and protected.

Do your gadgets need a deep clean? Then treat them by following our comprehensive guide.

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Power Bathroom Scrubber

If you’re fed up with using elbow grease to clean, this electric scrubber could be just what you need. The cordless design makes it perfect for cleaning your bathroom, with a charge lasting up to 1.5 hours. The various brush heads make short work of cleaning vanity tops, bathtubs, tiles, grout, as well as tricky areas like faucets and showerheads. The extension handle and tiltable brush head mechanism let you access hard-to-reach areas without effort.

Here’s how to clean your bathroom from top to bottom.

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