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10 Unconventional Ideas for Pools

These made us laugh, applaud and scratch our heads in bewilderment.

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Bus Conversion

This Reddit user flipped an old coach bus on its side and converted it into a DIY pool. They attached a ladder surrounded by safety nets to the back of the bus. Pool pumps behind the bus indicate the water is regularly cleaned and filtered.

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Stacking Up Beer Crates

These partiers used beer crates to build a makeshift pool. It’s unclear if the crates are empty or full.

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Plywood and Tarps

With lumber prices fluctuating, this makeshift plywood pool, lined with a tarp, might not be the cheapest option. Points for creativity, though.

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Shipping Container Conversion

You’ve probably heard of converting a shipping container into a tiny home, but what about into a pool? These savvy swimmers built steps where the container door was and slipped a drop down pool into the container.

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Pallet Pool

Pallet projects have been popular some time. You can find lots of pallet pool ideas like this one on Pinterest.

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Trailer Conversion

This Pinterest user showed off a converted trailer lined with a tarp to hold the water. This should be obvious, but don’t attach your pool to a moving vehicle.

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Dumpster Pool

A dumpster might be harder to get your hands on than some items on this list, but this Pinterest user showed how this family did it. The photo shows a pump system going to the outside of the pool. It’s not clear if any additional sealing was need to keep the water inside the dumpster.

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Tarp Hammock Pool

There don’t appear to be any pumps attached to this makeshift tarp pool, just a some rope and poles to hold it up. This pool is probably only a one-time use and would have to drained each time to avoid attracting mosquitoes.

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Hay Pool

Hay, tarp and some bungee cords were enough for these swimmers to assemble a DIY pool. This interesting pool conversion is one of the biggest ones on the list, and looks like it could fit a large group.

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Boat Conversion

Normally you take your boat out ON the water, but this Reddit user decided to take the water to the boat. They also built a landing area with a ladder along the back. At least now they don’t have to worry about paying for boat maintenance.

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