9 Outdoor Sink Ideas

Updated: Feb. 07, 2023

Once you install an outdoor sink, you'll wonder how you ever lived without one! Check out these cool store-bought and DIY outdoor sink ideas.

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Organic Style Outdoor Sink Courtesy @ericdubnicka Artist Via Instagram
Courtesy @ericdubnicka_artist/Instagram

Organic Style Outdoor Sink

This outdoor sink by @ericdubnicka_artist is like a piece of functional art. It includes a firewood holder, cedar backsplash, hose bib, deep well sink and shelving. It’s wrapped with a 1/4-inch plywood skirt and painted with a brush for texture.

“The firewood holder is 1/2-inch copper pipe and the shelving and branches was a fun way to give it an organic feel and add valuable storage,” says Dubnicka.

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Garden Hose Outdoor Sink Courtesy @homeroad Via Instagram
Courtesy @homeroad/Instagram

Garden Hose Outdoor Sink

@homeroad started with an old bathroom sink, then added a pressure treated wood frame with a lower shelf and towel rack.

Instead of new plumbing, a garden hose connects to the sink and a hose nozzle functions as the faucet. A hose splitter lets you connect two garden hoses to one spigot. The water in the sink drains into a watering can — simple and efficient!

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Garden Bench Outdoor Sink Courtesy @whiterosefarmhouse Via Instagram
Courtesy @whiterosefarmhouse/Instagram

Garden Bench Outdoor Sink

A garden bench that includes an outdoor sink, like this one from @whiterosefarmhouse, works well for watering plants and storing gardening materials and tools.

This antique sink lacks running water, but you can plug it up and fill it with water when needed. And when potting plants (as shown here), place a bucket under the drain hole to catch extra soil so there’s no waste.

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Vintage Style Outdoor Sink Courtesy @fauxfarmfixer Via Instagram
Courtesy @fauxfarmfixer/Instagram

Vintage Style Outdoor Sink

Here’s another outdoor sink that started with a vintage porcelain model purchased at a flea market. As part of their backyard barbecue area, the husband and wife team of @fauxfarmfixer built a wood plank base and poured a concrete countertop. The sink drains into a bucket underneath that’s hidden by the simple fabric curtain.

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Luxury Modern Outdoor Sink Courtesy @imakeinteriors Via Instagram
Courtesy @imakeinteriors/Instagram

Luxury Modern Outdoor Sink

Here’s a pro-installed outdoor sink from @imakeinteriors. The sleek black sink and matching faucet are part of a modern outdoor kitchen, featuring chic vertical-slat cabinets for ample hidden storage. The wall shelf and wall-mounted storage rail above the sink provide a place for decor and outdoor cooking tools.

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Colorful Outdoor Sink Courtesy @catrin.stuarthome Via Instagram
Courtesy @catrin.stuarthome/Instagram

Colorful Outdoor Sink

The colorful tile backsplash makes this outdoor apron sink and kitchen area from @catrin.stuarthome all the more charming. The pink wall and patterned tiles give the space a custom look. Combined with the copper faucet, it creates an overall eclectic style. Look for tile material that performs well outdoors, like porcelain.

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Beverage Bar Outdoor Sink Courtesy @rtaoutdoorliving Via Instagram
Courtesy @rtaoutdoorliving/Instagram

Beverage Bar Outdoor Sink

With the right outdoor sink, your backyard happy hour will never be the same! This sink from @rtaoutdoorliving is part of their refreshment bar island. It has everything you need to make and serve your favorite cocktails, including a drop-in cooler for ice, condiment tray, integrated cutting board and a built-in bottle opener.

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Plastic Wall Mounted Hose Reel Ecomm Wayfair.com
via merchant

Wall-Mounted Outdoor Sink

This all-in-one wall-mounted outdoor sink features a sliding protective cover that doubles as a work surface. The water comes from the garden hose, which can be coiled up on the reel underneath. Neatly tuck small gardening tools and gloves in the utility storage compartment underneath.

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Simple Mud Kitchen With Shelf Outdoor Pretend Kitchen With Working Sink Ecomm Etsy.com
via merchant

Outdoor Sink for Kids

Your kids will love making mud pies and other creations with their own outdoor kitchen. This one features two stainless steel sinks and a running faucet!

There’s hardware to attach your garden hose as the water source, and the faucet can swivel to run in either sink. The durable, long-lasting red cedar base resists rot, decay and insects.