10 Things You Should Never Do to Your Wood Floor

Wood flooring is on-trend and quite durable, but there are some things that can damage it and result in expensive repairs. To keep your wood floors looking beautiful for as long as possible, don't do these things.

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Don’t Wear Shoes

Wearing shoes on your hardwood floor, especially high heels, is just asking for scuffs and scratches. In addition, moisture and dirt from your shoes can seep into your flooring and cause further damage. Build this off-the-floor shoe organizer to install near your door.

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Don’t Let Your Pets’ Nails Get Too Long

Keeping your dog or cat from ever walking on your hardwood floor is an impossible task. However, to ensure that their feet do as little damage to your floor as possible, it is a good idea to trim their nails often. Your floor (and your pets) will appreciate it!

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Don’t Go Without Furniture Pads

Of course you’ll need to furnish your rooms regardless of the flooring, but be sure to invest in some small pads for the bottom of your table and chair legs. Moving your furniture around, and even accidentally nudging them here and there, can cause serious scuffing and even gouges.

If your floor does get damaged, you may not have to replace the whole thing. Here, we’ll show you how to patch your hardwood floor.

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Don’t Use Harsh Cleaners

While it is important to clean your floors regularly, make sure to use only solutions designed specifically for wood flooring, and do not pour any cleaner directly onto your floor. Moisture damage can occur if the wood absorbs too much liquid. Instead, put a small amount of the cleaner onto your mop or cleaning pad first, then wipe it on your floor. These natural products are also great for getting your hardwood flooring spick-and-span.

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Don’t Roll on Wheels

The hard plastic wheels on the bottom of your home office chair or rolling storage bench can scratch up your wood floor in no time. If you can’t replace the wheels with furniture feet and pads, add a rug or rubber mat under your wheeled pieces before you drag or push them around.

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Don’t Steam Clean

You should never use a steamer on your hardwood flooring, as it can cause water damage and warping. Instead, dust your floor frequently with a microfiber pad and use only a slightly damp mop or cloth when necessary. Did you know a floor Swiffer is also great for cleaning your walls? Check it out!

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Don’t Leave Furniture in the Same Spots

It’s time to switch up your furniture arrangements! If rugs or furniture are left in the same place for a really long time, your floor will become multicolored, especially in rooms with large windows. The sunlight will naturally cause your wood flooring to fade over time, except in the areas covered by rugs and furniture.

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Don’t Use Vinegar

Many people believe that vinegar is the best choice for cleaning wood floors, as it is natural and works well for scrubbing most surfaces around the house. However, because vinegar is an acid it can actually wear away the protective finish on your hardwood flooring, causing it to look dull. It’s best to use cleaners designed specifically for wood flooring, not vinegar. Learn everything you need to know about installing hardwood flooring yourself here.

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Don’t Burn It

Never put items on your floor that could burn the wood. Things such as candles, a curling iron, a hot plate or an old space heater could not only cause scorch marks on your beautiful wood floor, but they could ultimately start a fire. Always keep items that produce a lot of heat off of your wood flooring.

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Don’t Forget to Refinish

Even if you don’t do any of these things to your wood floor, it will still show signs of wear over time. As you see fine scratches appear, it’s time to reapply the protective finish. This will smooth out any slight imperfections and give your floor a beautiful, new shine. Click here to learn how to refinish your hardwood flooring yourself.