The 30 Most Ridiculous Real Estate Listing Photos

Updated: Jul. 21, 2024

These photos will make you reconsider how you market your house.

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The Bed Blends In

Instead of worrying whether the bed frame will blend in with the carpet, just add the carpet to the bed frame. It won’t look unusual. Get a bed frame that will look unusual for the right reasons after looking at these 11 bed frame ideas.

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Multitask Like Nobody’s Business

This might fit into a home inspector horror story gallery but it’s hard to imagine what it’s like trying to cook scrambled eggs when you’ve got a load of whites going in the washer. Of course, the washer and dryer location might be convenient if you get a stain on your favorite shirt.

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What’s Your Favorite Color?

Pink’s a tremendous color for a young girl’s room, a little less so for an interior room and wallpaper. It might be good for Elle Woods though. Try one of the 12 hot color trends for the bedroom for a more contemporary look.

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Mickey House of Horrors

This place is perfect for the Disney enthusiast, well, enthusiast might be underselling it. It’s filled wall-to-wall with Disney memorabilia. Florida seems to be a haven for themed homes, like this one that chose to go with Star Wars décor.

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Sold for … $1 million?!?!?

The real estate market in Australia must be hotter than any market in the U.S. because this fixer-upper was on the market for just over $1 million, which in U.S. dollars is still more than $760,000 for a two-bed, one-bath. This one has a long list of projects but learn the home renovation projects that really do improve a home’s value.

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What Happens When You Can’t Find the Remote?

A TV in the bedroom is great but this one takes it to new heights. It seems like with such an extravagant house there could be a flat screen installed that hangs from the ceiling. But then again there are some anachronistic details in this home like the track lighting, too. Find out what else makes a home look dated.

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Where’s the Moat?

We get it, your home is your castle but don’t take that thought to the extreme like this home. If you want to get an idea of what real castles look like then check out some of the most beautiful ones in the world few people visit.

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The Cleaning Attempt Will Be Noted

Cleaning is a pain, no doubt about it, but maybe the after picture might work better in the listing rather than the in progress shot we’ve got here. Make cleaning a whole lot easier with these 39 cleaning tips to make your home shine.

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School House Rocks

Transforming an old school building into a bed and breakfast is an enormous task but this property accomplished that in large parts. It’s just hard to decide what to do with an enormous gymnasium.

Don’t feel so bad when trying a DIY home renovation, it can’t be worse than these cringe-worthy home improvement fails.

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Motivated Buyer Needed

Maybe it’s a good thing to post pictures of a house that experienced a fire in the listing to get any questions out of the way right away. It just seems unusual to see. A fire can start in any number of ways, make sure you aware of the 20 hidden things in your home that may be a fire hazard.

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Never at a Loss For Words

This room is great for an expecting family. There’s no shortage of names to choose from for a baby: Anna Mae, Wayne, Bill, Patrick, Roy, Katy … we’ll stop there for now.

Let’s hope this isn’t a home décor trend but these are the 15 home décor trends you definitely need to avoid.

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It’s hard to put a finger on this décor style something to do with Southwestern but with more color. It’s got our eyes as big as the cat’s in the picture. If there is a cat in the home, let’s hope it has some really cool cat furniture.

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Color Cornucopia

Someone had fun learning the color wheel in this room. It must be the least often used sitting room.

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Hold Your Horses

Wait, what? Where’d he come from? The property has a tremendous arena and horse stable, but it didn’t say anything about the horses having a room inside the house.

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Fire Department Listing

Did the fire department provide the listing photos for this home? Fire departments respond to more than 350,000 home structure fires each year, make sure you know these 12 fire safety tips.

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Precarious Purchase

This lighthouse treehouse sits on a site the experienced a devastating landslide back in 1996 but that’s maybe not the primary concern with the property. The owner has been locked in a battle with the city about the treehouse, which is listed for $109,000 on a .26-acre lot. The treehouse is only accessible by boat or walking during low tide and still needs a soil test to remain in place. There is no bathroom, electricity, heat or running water. Instead it relies on a system that catches rainwater, filters it and turns it into potable water.

For those who want to channel their childhood, take a look at these incredible treehouses you’ll want to climb into.

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‘There was an old woman … ‘

This California home will stir up some old nursery rhyme thoughts with its shoe-like design. It was designed back in 1976 and features unique interior art and design.

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George Costanza House

Seinfeld’s George Costanza once tried to “invest” in triangle art so he might be reluctant to check out this Washington home that features the three-sided figure prominently.

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Must Be This Short to Enter This House

There won’t be an outrageous parties with people jumping around in this place for fear of hitting their heads on the ceiling. The house appears to have remodeled an old garage into a living space.

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Concrete Dome Home

This property in Minnesota features a concrete dome home that totals 6,400 square feet. It’s spray foam insulated and creates a striking image from afar.

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Seems like a strange way to turn a one bedroom into a two bedroom. Joking aside, it’s befuddling to think that someone might actually sleep in the closet. Let’s hope someone isn’t trying to rent it out as an Airbnb. These 50 houseboats on Airbnb provide a little more comfortable living arrangement.

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Hidden Kitchen

So you want your kitchen to look like an armoire? Give credit where credit’s due for ingenuity here. Maximize your kitchen storage with these incredible tips you’ve never seen.

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Border Crossing

What’s really cool about this home known as the “Old Stone Store” is that the U.S.-Canada border runs right through it. It’s hard to say if the line on the floor represents the border but we’ll pretend it does even it doesn’t.

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Valley of the Dolls

There’s a rule or something about leaving personal effects around the house when you’re selling it. It might be a good idea to follow that one and the 33 other important things to do when selling a home.

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Garden Arbor in the Home

The wallpaper might need updating in this home. We’re not sure if this is supposed to create a garden scene in this room since it looks like a lattice garden arbor but it might be worth putting into consideration as a project room. Wallpaper is making a surprise comeback, but maybe just not this kind.

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Short on Storage?

This looks like a storage space for an apartment complex but it’s strange to see it listed, let alone listed for $113,000. It’s only 88 square feet so the square footage cost is something like $1,292 per square foot. Heck of a deal, right?

Check out some of the best ways to add square footage without breaking the bank.

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It Does Rain A Lot in Seattle

But there will always be sunny skies in the children’s playroom located in Seattle. At least the kids won’t have to go outside to play with this elaborate structure.

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Rotate Your Thoughts

Someone forgot to hit the rotate button when editing listing photos for this house. Don’t get your neck in a kink looking at this photo, just make sure you don’t do this and these things when selling a house.

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Elegance From Another Era

This apartment on Fifth Avenue in New York City overlooks Central Park, has six bedrooms and six baths but the interior decorating seems like something rather opulent.

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Elephant in the Room

We’re not sure where this ranks on the faux pas scale but it has to be near the old elephant foot stool. It reminds us of these truly tacky lawn ornaments.

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