10 Best Pergola Lighting Ideas

Add some sparkle and glow to your outdoor space with these creative pergola lighting ideas.

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Cozy and Romantic Pergola Lighting Idea

The smart choice of lighting used in this dreamy pergola from @fancyfixdecor helps make it the perfect spot for an intimate gathering. Using a combination of industrial-look string lights, a hanging chandelier and candles — a soft glow lights up the whole area. Using a varied mix of light sources, instead of simply overhead lighting, creates a more welcoming ambiance.

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Voice-Controled Pergola Lighting Idea

This modern pergola by @themoderngardenista features in-ground lights, overhead string lights and wall lights. The wall lights are equipped with Philips Hue Smart Bulbs. They can be turned on and off, and dimmed, with Alexa voice control or an app on your phone! A great choice for pergola lighting because you don’t have to bother going back outside to turn off a forgotten light late at night.

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Pergola Stairway Lighting Idea

The ever popular string lights are used on this pergola by @pride_hardscape; but just as important as lighting up your pergola, is lighting the pathway to reach it. As shown here, the built-in stair lights and pathway lights provide safety and character along the walkway. Here’s a solar option for stairway lighting you can install yourself.

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Integrated Pergola Lighting Idea

Some pergolas, like this one created by Louvered Outdoors, feature fully integrated lighting, with the wiring hidden inside the framework of the structure. The resulting look is clean and professional. But, if an integrated pergola isn’t in your budget, you can create a similar look by installing your own outdoor ceiling fan with a light, and these battery-operated motion-activated puck lights on the pergola ceiling.

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Fairy Lights Pergola Lighting Idea

To add a touch of whimsy to your pergola, skip the large-bulb outdoor string lights and opt for daintier fairy lights. Check out this example from @eclectichunkydoryhome. The lower level of light output is less distracting, allowing you to enjoy the night sky and surrounding landscape. This highly reviewed fairy light set comes with a remote and a timer.

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Pergola LED Strip Lighting Idea

Pergola lighting doesn’t have to come from above. The LED strip lighting used under the planters on this pergola from @thealexandersnest provide plenty of light to the outdoor seating area. Plus, the solar lights in the flower bed shine up against the nearby wall, adding an extra layer of pleasant light.

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Paper Lanterns Pergola Lighting Idea

The paper lanterns hanging in this pergola from @mamofboys make an impact in both day and night settings. When it’s light, the white balls look stunning against the surrounding greenery. At night, light them up with these tiny battery-operated LED lights that can be attached to the inside of the lantern.

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Pergola String Lighting Idea

One of the most popular choices in pergola lighting is still outdoor string lights with glass bulbs. And for good reason! String lights are affordable, easy to install and versatile. For maximum light, cover the whole ceiling in string lights, as shown here by @houserenovationatno.47. You can also hang them along the perimeter for less light and a more moody atmosphere. Or, string them along a nearby fence.

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Pergola Pendant Lighting Idea

If you want the outdoor lighting to be the focal point of your pergola, consider two large statement pendants, like this stunning example from @l5group. The woven pendants are made from a weather-friendly resin that mimics the look of rattan. You get that beautiful coastal vibe without having to worry about damage from the outdoor elements. If you’re looking for more options, here are a few breathtaking outdoor lighting looks.

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Pergola Curtain Lighting Idea

Turn your pergola into a sparkling showstopper with LED curtain lights. Hang them on one side for a twinkling backdrop, or cover all four sides if you’re feeling extra sparkly! They’re beautiful for special occasions, like weddings and backyard parties. They also work great as an everyday lighting source.

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