Our Favorite Things from the National Hardware Show

Updated: Jan. 29, 2024

Check out some of our favorite products for DIYers from the 2022 National Hardware Show.

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Ariel view of the National Hardware Show
Family Handyman

The Family Handyman crew checked out the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, last week, scoping out what’s new and improved in the DIY space. With hundreds of companies and independent inventors represented, there was plenty to see on the show floor.

Not everything we loved made this list, but these are some of the most innovative tools and accessories we found. These products will help with all kinds of tasks, whether that’s making painting easier or your outdoor space more comfortable. We think you’ll like them, too.

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Rhino Cart All Terrain 1100 Lbs. Capacity Moving Cart For Appliances And Furniture
Via Merchant

Rhino Cart

Trying to paint the wall behind your washing machine? Sometimes a simple DIY project evolves into a major effort when you start moving stuff around.

The Rhino Cart makes quick work of moving appliances and other heavy loads with an adjustable frame that wraps onto almost anything. The polyresin base and steel frame can hold up to 1,500 pounds.

We really liked how it can go anywhere. A set of eight urethane wheels roll right over thresholds, cracks in the sidewalk and uneven surfaces — we watched it roll over a 2×4. The Rhino Cart is a handy little tool have around the shop, and it’ll make moving day go a little smoother, too.

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Cam Jam Xt Aluminum Tie Down Rope Tightener With Carabiner Clip
Via Merchant

CamJam Aluminum Rope Tightener

Let’s face it: Not everyone is great at tying knots, which can be a real pain when you’re securing gear in the back of the truck. But the CamJam from Nite Ize, made from sturdy cast aluminum, takes fiddling with knots completely out of the equation.

It rolls together a carabiner with a locking cam. Just clip it to an anchor point, feed the rope through and tighten it with one hand.

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Canopy Breeze Canopy Fan Rechargeable Ceiling Fan
Via Merchant


An outdoor ceiling fan is a great way to beat the heat while you kick up your heels in your cabana. But it’s not something that can be easily added to a space. The CanopyBreeze portable outdoor ceiling fan eliminates that obstacle.

It takes about a minute to set up and get the air flowing. Just hook it onto beams or braces above your head. The CanopyBreeze runs on a rechargeable battery with a six-hour run time. It packs into a hand-held carrying case, so you can take it camping, tailgating or wherever you want a little extra wind.

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A black bucket labeled Trap N Kill Mosquito Trap at the National Hardware Show
Family Handyman

Trap-N-Kill A-G-O Mosquito Trap

Mosquitos are a nuisance, but too often the solution for getting rid of these bloodsuckers far outweighs the cost of having them around. The Trap-N-Kill A-G-O Mosquito Trap takes care of those flying pests without harsh chemicals.

It works by luring them into a bucket that imitates a breeding spot. A metal screen and sticky trap keep them from leaving. It’s small enough to tuck behind a bush, and the design prevents it from overflowing when it rains.

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a blue vac master vacuum on a blue wall at the National Hardware Show
Family Handyman

Vacmaster Wall-Mounted Wet/Dry Vac

Say goodbye to dragging around a shop vac to clean up. This five-gallon model from Vacmaster attaches to the wall, and with a 20-ft. hose it goes wherever you need it.

A remote on/off switch on the nozzle lets you turn it off and on without running to the canister and back, making it handy for cleaning out your car. A five-horsepower motor can take care of just about any mess, and it even converts to a blower.

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Overez Coop In A Box Up To 5 Chickens
Via Merchant

OverEZ Chicken Coop in a Box

Backyard chickens are more popular than ever. However, for a novice just getting into the hobby, it can be a little intimidating to round up everything you need and set it up.

The Chicken Coop in a Box from OverEZ eliminates that problem by sending you everything you need to get started — except the chickens. Made by hand in the U.S., the kit includes a coop with roosts, nesting boxes and flooring that can comfortably hold up to five chickens, as well as an attached chicken run. It only takes about an hour to put it all together.

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Vosker V150 Lte Cellular Security Camera
Via Merchant

Vosker Off-Grid Security Camera

Vosker’s off-grid security cameras are solar-powered with a rechargeable lithium battery. Because you don’t need to worry about plugging in, you can use it in open spaces and remote areas, like a jobsite where you’ve got expensive equipment and materials.

A motion-activated camera snaps photos which are sent to your phone via the camera’s cellular connection. The forthcoming V300 will feature a live-view mode.

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Walnut Pull
Via Merchant

Rental Re/Do

While renting a home can limit the kind of DIY project you can take on, it shouldn’t prevent you from putting a personal stamp on your space.

Rental Re/Do features a selection of cabinet hardware, door levers, lighting and planters curated from brands around the world so you can fix up your space the way you want. You can even order custom kits for your home or apartment.

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Freeform 2 All Purpose Grip Free Fatigue Reducing Paint Brush
Via Merchant

FreeForm Grip-Free Paint Brush

We’re always on the lookout for products that make painting easier. Naturally, we were drawn to the FreeForm Grip-Free Paint Brush.

With a pistol-like grip, the brush fits right into the palm of your hand. You don’t squeeze it. It sits between your fingers and thumb, placing the weight on your hand and while your arm handles the load. That eliminates cramping. The FreeForm is available in three sizes.

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three cut-n-edge lined up in black, red and blue at the National Hardware Show
Family Handyman


Another painting tool that stood out was the Cut-N-Edge from Boxtown Team. The durable plastic frame slides over a 2.5-inch paint brush. A locking mechanism flattens bristles and holds them in place to give you tighter paint lines, making edging that much easier. You can also slide it up and lock it down to cover your brush and keep the paint on it while you take a break.

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Bug Ball 3 Pack Starter Kit Complete
Via Merchant

Bug Ball

Here’s another safe way to keep flying critters from ruining your barbeque. The Bug Ball is an heavy-duty, weather-resistant inflatable ball that hangs from a tree or anywhere else in your outdoor space. Once it’s inflated, just cover it with the included Catch ‘Em spray. Flies can’t resist it, landing there and never leaving.

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