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Mini Blind Tips and Fixes

Mini blinds provide privacy, block the sun and usually work perfectly for years. Here are our best tips and fixes for mini blinds that could use a little TLC.

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Shorten Horizontal BlindsFamily Handyman

Shorten Horizontal Blinds

Horizontal blind slats that hang below the windowsill are not only unsightly but also a hazard for young children. Most dangerous are the pull cords. Shortening the blinds to the proper height will raise the pull cords and make your home safer. Learn the simple step-by-step process for shortening horizontal blinds here.
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Easy Blind CleanerFamily Handyman

Easy Blind Cleaner

Keep some inexpensive cotton or microfiber gloves around the house for cleaning your blinds. Slip on a glove and run you fingers over the slats. When the gloves get dirty, pop them into the wash. It's that easy!

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Mini Blind Cord SafetyFamily Handyman

Mini Blind Cord Safety

Keep mini blind cords safely out of the reach of infants and toddlers by putting suction cups with hooks on the window. You won't have to drill holes in either the wall or the casing for cord brackets. And when the kids are older, you can just remove the hooks—no holes to repair!

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Straighten a Bent BlindFamily Handyman

Straighten a Bent Blind

Unmangle mangled mini-blinds with a mini-blind slat straightener. Just slide it over the damaged slat and squeeze. The product, called the MiniBlindRx, works on 1-in. metal slats.
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Mini Blind Bracket Hole TemplateFamily Handyman

Mini Blind Bracket Hole Template

Marking the pilot holes for mini blind or other small brackets is painstaking work. Transfer the pilot holes to a piece of tape, and stick the tape where the bracket is to be fastened. Drill the pilot holes and mount your brackets.

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Operate Mini Blinds Covered with Shrink FilmFamily Handyman

Operate Mini Blinds Covered with Shrink Film

If you apply plastic shrink film to your windows to keep out cold winter drafts, you can continue to use your blinds if you follow these steps. For more tips on staying warm in the winter, check out this collection.

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Mini Blind Lift Cord FixFamily Handyman

Mini Blind Lift Cord Fix

Replace worn cords on mini blinds, pleated shades and other slatted blinds before they break.
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Make Your Windows Work for You

Make Your Windows Work for You

Keep open the blinds or drapes on windows with direct sun exposure (usually on the south side of the house) to let the sunlight heat the room. Heating doesn't get any cheaper than this! At night, close the blinds or drapes to cover the cold glass.