The 10 Best Budget-Friendly Ladder Deals for DIYing

Updated: Jan. 22, 2024

Step up your DIY game without having to splurge when you shop these ladder sales. Save up to 50% before the deals end!

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The 10 Best Budget Friendly Ladder Deals For DiyingVIA MERCHANT

My husband and I are sprucing up our suburban home to sell, so we took a trip to a local retailer to locate a ladder—but sticker shock made us leave empty-handed. From step stools to 13-foot behemoths, you’re bound to find something that falls within your budget and needs. These ladders tackle everything from small jobs like dusting your home to big jobs like painting. Hurry, though—ladders don’t stay discounted for long, especially at prices as low as $50.

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12.5 Foot Foldable Scaffold Ladder
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The Best Ladder Sales

12.5-Foot Foldable Scaffold Ladder

Using a paint edger isn’t difficult, especially when you have the Accubrush. That said, working on the tallest parts of your home requires a long ladder, like this foldable scaffold ladder. Six heavy-duty locks secure the joints in place, so you never need to worry about the ladder collapsing. Pick it up during Walmart’s ladder sale.

The beauty of this ladder is twofold: first, when fully expanded, the ladder reaches 12.5 feet, which is ideal for first-floor painting and edging. Secondly, the ladder is fully configurable in shape and height. Simply fold it into the shape you need to get to work (or store it in the shed). Plus, it’s rated to accommodate up to 330 pounds—not bad for a ladder on sale for 53% off.

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Eight Foot Aluminum Step Ladder
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Eight-Foot Aluminum Step Ladder

Step ladders are an essential addition to your home improvement tool collection. Whether you need assistance while repainting the ceiling or want to do some decluttering in the attic without access to an attic ladder, finding one that’s lightweight yet sturdy is ideal. Luckily, this aluminum step ladder—available at a savings of $183—features an eight-foot height and ultra-light aluminum for easy portability.

Slip-resistant feet are a nice safety feature. We also love the handy workspace at the top that securely holds paint cans or tools.

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Six Foot Slim Step Ladder
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Six-Foot Slim Step Ladder

This six-foot step ladder—on sale for a hefty 43% off—is perfect for the casual DIYer. Comfortably stand on this step ladder long-term thanks to a sizable top step and extra-wide rungs that prevent foot fatigue. When finished, fold it up into a four-inch depth that fits snugly into closets or a corner of the garage.

The top cap includes a tool tray, so it’s easy to keep your equipment close at hand—no ladder caddy is required. A built-in handle on the standing platform simplifies folding and unfolding the ladder into a quick motion.

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12 Foot Fiberglass Ladder
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12-Foot Fiberglass Ladder

Pruning and lopping trees is an important part of landscaping. Depending on where you live, local species of trees can grow dozens of feet tall. That makes trimming branches a chore that requires some serious preparation. Enter this 12-foot fiberglass ladder, available at a savings of $188.

Tool slots, a magnetic hardware tray and a hook to hang paint cans are a nice touch. In addition, the bottom feet boast slip-resistant boots to avoid falling from accidental bumps.

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Four Step Ladder
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Four-Step Ladder

For indoor jobs like reaching cupboard shelves or changing lightbulbs, small step ladders usually do the trick. This four-step ladder is compact for closet storage but provides enough height to reach the ceiling. Ideal for use indoors, the ladder features big rubber feet that offer a nonslip grip and prevent scratches on floors.

A built-in hand guard allows you to stabilize yourself as you climb, so you never feel unsafe while embarking on your next project. Snag it on sale while it’s on a generous discount of 23% off, plus a bonus coupon for an extra savings of 10%.

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Six To 10 Foot Ladder
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Six-to-10-Foot Ladder

Those who have multiple uses for their ladders benefit from investing in a convertible ladder, like this six-to-10-foot ladder. It’s well worth the price when you save $225 during Amazon’s ladder sale. The ladder supports several configurations. Telescope it as long as it will go, or choose to use it on stairs when you adjust the rungs to support the height differences.

An attachable workstation holds screws, paint sprayers, hammers and nails for convenience. Plus, the tip-and-glide wheels simplify transportation, so it’s easy to move.

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10.5 Foot Telescoping Ladder
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10.5-Foot Telescoping Ladder

Telescoping ladders are incredibly handy for DIYers with limited storage space. This 10.5-foot telescoping ladder folds down to only 32 inches tall. Stow it in a closet, under furniture or even under the sink. Each step has a non-slip strip that prevents slips and falls for a safer experience.

Pop it in your cart before the ladder sale ends and enjoy a significant markdown of 35% off.

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Multi Position Aluminum Ladder
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Multi-Position Aluminum Ladder

If you’re in the market for a budget ladder with all the bells and whistles, secure a staggering $81 off this multi-position aluminum ladder when you buy it today. Working with a ladder on stairs typically requires a ladder leveler, but this ladder’s built-in configurable hinges offer the same flexibility without extra parts.

A dual-pin hinge snugly holds the joints in place no matter the configuration, so you never feel like you’re going to fall.

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Three Step Iron Step Stool
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Three-Step Iron Step Stool

When vacuuming in your apartment, it pays to have access to frequently ignored areas like ceiling fans and the top of blinds—especially if you suffer from seasonal allergies. This sturdy iron step stool assists with reaching all the dander dens in your home, such as the tops of door frames and above the fridge.

Simply fold it up when finished and lean it against the wall for the next use. This step stool is a solid investment (especially for short folks), and you can save 32% when you buy one before the deal ends.

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11 Foot Telescoping Ladder
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11-Foot Telescoping Ladder

This 11-foot telescoping ladder, on sale for $110 off, comes ready to tackle any high-up task. The size makes it easy to use the Colorimeter on high-up areas. Rubber caps on both ends prevent slips and scratches when it’s leaning against your home. It arrives fully assembled, so you don’t have to waste time setting it up when it arrives.

We’re fans of the color-coded lock indicators that make it easy to see when all the joints are secure at a glance.

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