Leveling a Ladder Has Never Been Easier

Updated: Apr. 28, 2023

Balancing a ladder on stairs, cracked concrete or other uneven surfaces can be a harrowing experience unless you own a ladder leveler.

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No more wedging a board or a brick under the short leg. Adjustable and lightweight levelers are a fast and easy way to stabilize ladders for painting over staircases or when a flat spot is nowhere to be found. Stay safe on your ladder even when the ground is uneven.

What is a Ladder Leveler?

A ladder leveler is a must-have device designed to make sure your ladder can be used safely on slanted surfaces, stairways, uneven pavement and sloping hillsides. Whether your ladder is tall or short, aluminum or fiberglass, or extends, articulates or stacks, installing a ladder leveler means that working high off the ground to paint or make repairs to your home will be less worrisome, stressful and dangerous.

How Does a Ladder Leveler Work?

A ladder level, when affixed to the outside rails of a ladder, employs telescoping legs that adjust and balance the ladder relative to the ground’s varying elevations. The retractable mechanism is easy to install and maneuver. Once the ladder is steadied and locked into place, you can climb up the ladder rungs with confidence knowing accidents are less likely to happen.

Ladder Leveler Features and Innovations

Manually adjustable ladder levelers come with base units and an extending leveler for each side rail. Many models also feature sturdy swivel shoes with ice pick cleats on the ends for added grip. Thanks to a self-leveling design, automatic ladder levelers amazingly conform to different supporting surface heights using a ratchet-style operation with spring-loaded locks.

A typical ladder level:

  • Lets you work more safely on uneven surfaces;
  • Fits most ladders and attaches in seconds;
  • Works on either side of the ladder;
  • Provides hands-free stabilization;
  • Comes with mounting hardware and instructions.

How to Use a Ladder Leveler

Once the base and the two levelers have been mounted to each side, place the ladder where you want it, press down on the foot pin and fine-tune the ladder’s position until it’s completely steady and stable. Make sure the levelers are locked into place before climbing up to paint or repair those hard-to-reach areas.

Cost and Where to Buy

For anyone who owns a ladder, a leveler is an extremely useful and affordable accessory (prices start at around $80) that will increase the number of DIY projects you can accomplish around the house and yard.

We think the LeveLok Quick Connect Ladder Leveler Kit is one great choice, made of ultra-strong structural aircraft aluminum for maximum durability. For a portable and compact option, the Ladder-Aide by Ideal Security is especially handy if you plan to work on stairs a lot. Go to select painting and home improvement retailers or shop online to find the ladder level that works best for you.