Indoor Plant Shelf Ideas To Make More Space for Green

You can never have too many plants! Turn any room into a fresh oasis with these clever indoor plant shelf ideas.

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Hanging Plant Shelf Ecomm Courtesy Styled By Christine Instagram
Courtesy @styled_by_christine/Instagram

Hanging Plant Shelf

This eight-foot-long hanging plant shelf from @styled_by_christine is suspended from the ceiling with eye hooks.

A hanging plant shelf is a great option if you’ve got limited space but still want to fill your room with beautiful greenery. This type of shelf can be hung anywhere. But near a window, as seen here, gives the plants optimal light without taking up wall space.

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Tiered Plant Shelf Balcony Ecomm Via
Via Merchant

Tiered Plant Shelf

This tall, narrow eight-tiered plant shelf squeezes into tight spaces like the bathroom, a small bedroom or an unused corner. Made from solid wood, happy reviewers say it’s sturdy with straightforward assembly.

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Ladder Plant Shelf Instgram Via Under The Leaves
Courtesy @under.the.leaves/Instagram

Ladder Plant Shelf

All you need is an old ladder to create a distinctive plant shelf like this one by @under.the.leaves.

Place wood planks on each rung, using gradually shorter lengths as you near the top. Then sand and stain the wood shelves and the ladder. Add your favorite potted plants and watch your babies grow!

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Plant Shelf With Propagation Station Via Myprettyplantyplace Instagram
Courtesy @myprettyplantyplace/Instagram

Plant Shelf with Propagation Station

This wall-mounted shelf made by @myprettyplantyplace displays plants and works as a plant propagation station. The bottom row of glass tubes hold propagates that will eventually be planted in soil.

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Hexagon Plant Shelf Via Frecklesandfiddles Instagram
Courtesy @frecklesandfiddles/Instagram

Hexagon Plant Shelf

Hexagon plant shelves, like these from @frecklesandfiddles, hold your plants and add modern geometric design to your décor. You can easily make hexagon shelves yourself, but if you prefer two-day shipping to DIY projects, check out this highly-reviewed set of three hexagon shelves.

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Media Center Plant Shelf Via Interiors By Bec Instagram

Media Center Plant Shelf

You might already have a plant shelf without even knowing it! Turn an existing piece of furniture into a plant shelf, like did with this media shelving unit. Arrange plants on the shelves, then mix in other objects liked framed art and vases to add dimension.

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Bedroom Plant Shelf Via Krisreneeautho
Courtesy @krisreneeautho/Instagram

Bedroom Plant Shelf

Is the wall above your bed blank and boring? Add a long plant shelf like @krisreneeautho! She purchased a long piece of wood from The Home Depot, spray-painted it white, then attached it to the wall with heavy-duty shelf brackets. Use a stud finder to ensure the brackets can support the weight of multiple plants.

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Bookshelf Plant Shelf Via Alamdalamrumah Instagram
Courtesy @alamdalamrumah/Instagram

Bookshelf Plant Shelf

Here’s another easy way to display plants, no shelf-hanging required: Use a regular bookshelf but swap out the books for plants. Keep the look cohesive by using matching pots, as seen here in this example from @alamdalamrumah. Or if you prefer a more eclectic look, go crazy with pots in different colors, shapes and sizes.

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Window Plant Shelf Via Kelseysigarsdesigns Instagram
Courtesy @kelseysigarsdesigns/Instagram

Window Plant Shelf

Give any small, ordinary window a makeover with plant shelves!

@kelseysigarsdesigns decided to transform this transplanted garage window by attaching two scraps of wood directly to the window frame. And voilà! What once was an eyesore is now a pretty plant display and herb garden with plenty of sunshine.

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3 Floating Shelves Garden Ecomm Via
via Merchant

Floating Plant Shelf

For the minimalist plant-lover, check out these sleek, round floating shelves. Each circular shelf is made from red oak. It can hold up to three pounds if hung with wall anchors, and up to eight pounds if attached to a wall stud. Experiment with different arrangements to make your perfect modern plant display.

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