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13 Ways to Decorate Your Home with Cactus

From real to fake, the use of cacti as a home decor trend is something to watch. If you have pets or small children, take some precautions when using real cacti around your home. Here are 14 ways to incorporate these popular plants into your decor.

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Cactus Cacti in potsBert Nijholt/Shutterstock

Plant in Multiple Pots

Try a grouping of three potted cacti for an on-trend addition to any room. Cacti don’t require much maintenance, so they make for a great indoor plant. Cluster with cactus of varying heights and shapes.

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Cactus Bedding

Not sure you’re interested in growing cacti? Try using a cactus theme in your bedroom with a southwest-inspired comforter or pillow.

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Cactus Towels

Bring the cactus theme to your kitchen or bathroom on towels with cactus prints. This hand-painted design from Etsy would liven up any kitchen.

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Terrarium SucculentAfrica Studio/Shutterstock


Try planting a small cactus in a DIY terrarium. Terrariums can be as simple or as complicated as you like, just make sure your cactus is compatible with any other plants you choose.

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Cactus Wallpaper

Try using wallpaper with cactus print as an accent wall. If wallpaper seems intimidating, follow these 10 tips to make hanging wallpaper a breeze.

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Tall Cacti living room

Tall Cacti

One or two well-placed tall cacti in a room is eye catching. Make sure they get plenty of sunlight and don’t over water them.

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christmas cactusArtCookStudio/Shutterstock

Alternative Christmas Tree

Don’t have room for a traditional Christmas tree? Use a cactus as an alternative. Whether you go big or small, just decorate with a couple ornaments or even wrap it with a strand of lights.

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In a Large Planter

Plant a grouping of several small cacti in a large planter and fill the bottom with small rocks. This would make a great gift for any gardener or new homeowner.

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Cactus Garland

Looking for a theme for your nursery? Try using some cactus garland as seen here on Etsy.

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Cactus Artwork

Cactus Artwork

Add some framed cactus artwork to your bedroom or living room. Once you choose the right spot, follow these techniques for level hanging.

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red furry cactusNatalia Vinokurova/Shutterstock

Add Color

Try adding some color to your bathroom! Try a small potted cactus in a bright color (real or fake) to brighten up the surroundings.

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Ceramic Decorations

Here’s a no-maintenance way to add some cactus to your home. These ceramic cacti from IKEA are simple and easy to dust!

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cactus in coffee cupsjackkung/Shutterstock

Plant in Coffee Cups

If you have some old coffee cups taking up space on your mug tree or shelf, plant cacti in them. Place one small cactus in each mug and display them all on a shelf.

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