The Fabulous Homes Where Jennifer Aniston has Lived

Updated: Oct. 03, 2022

Jennifer Aniston will turn 50 this year. Check out some of the fabulous places she's lived.

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Jennifer Aniston Brad Pitt house
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Brad and Jen’s Pad

Back in 2001 Jennifer lived in this home built by Wallace Neff, an architect credited with the development of “California” style homes. The home in Beverly Hills has more than 10 rooms, features a pool, tennis court and a wine cellar. It also has 10,000 square feet. The home had Brazilian mahogany floors, an art studio with skylights and a screening room with 35 millimeter film equipment.

Aniston and Pitt paid $13.5 million for the home and later put it on the market for $28 million. Aniston ended up renting a $15 million home while the Neff home sat on the market.

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Jennifer Aniston Brad Pitt house
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Beverly Hills Backyard

The Neff-designed home is in the French Normandy style. The couple spent two years refurbishing it before calling it quits on their marriage. They ended up living in the house for less than two years. Find out the six most popular architecture styles in the U.S.

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Jennifer Aniston Malibu beach house
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Jen Moves to Malibu

Aniston found this Malibu beach house after the split from Brad back in 2005. Aniston just rented this home before finding something a little more roomy. Aniston reportedly rented this beach house from Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison for two years. While Jen stayed there she furnished it with white candles, white flowers and some Asian-inspired décor. Aniston has lived in some pricey pads but do they compare with any of these expensive homes?

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Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux's rental home in Los Angeles

Jen and Justin Move In

When Jen and Justin Theroux got together they found this $3 million rental home in Los Angeles. In 2011, they moved into the two-bed, two-bath house in the Hollywood Hills. For Jen to live in a two-bedroom place would be like floating in one of these house boats for other people.

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Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux's rental home in Los Angeles

Temporary Residence

Jen and Justin stayed in this home while they looked for a bigger place. It was probably a little like living in one of these tiny homes for Jen and Justin.

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Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux's rental home in Los Angeles

Something Cozier

Aniston had sold her Mid-Century Modern home in Beverly Hills for $38 million just prior to take up residence at this rental. She reportedly said she wanted to find something cozier after she sold the 10,000 square-foot home. If you decide to rent an airbnb on your next trip, make sure you know these 14 things about renting airbnbs before booking.

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Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux's rental home in Los Angeles

Cozy Kitchen

It’s an innovative kitchen island and there’s a great big stainless steel oven in the kitchen of the rental home Jen and Justin shared back then. Cleaning a kitchen like this shouldn’t take much time but if you’re finding your kitchen a mess all the time, check out these tips on getting a clean kitchen.

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Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux's rental home in Los Angeles

A View is Worth a Lot

What the rental home lacked in room, it certainly made up for it with this view. The view could rival some of the ones found at one of these extremely remote castles.

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Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux's rental home in Los Angeles

Living Room and Dining Room

Jen was probably used to a dining room being the same size as the living room and the dining room in the rental she shared with Justin. Get your living room organized better with these 11 incredible tips.

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Jennifer Aniston property

Beverly Hills Home

Hal Levitt designed this home that Jen bought for $13 million in 2006 and the home is known as “Ohana.” It blends Asian and Balinese design around its 10,000 square feet.

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Jennifer Aniston property

Expensive Place

Jen listed it for $42 million back in 2011 and it eventually sold for $38 million. The home features five bedrooms, seven full baths and a half bath. Think that’s big? Check out these stunning homes that rank among the biggest in the U.S.

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Reno Project

Aniston and Stephen Shadley renovated portions of the house, which utilizes green living and smart home technology.

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Water Features

The home in Beverly Hills included several water features, like this one. There was also an outdoor fireplace, an outdoor living room and a kitchen set. Check out our collection of water features to give you some inspiration for a project.