Coolest Tiny Homes in Each State

Updated: Apr. 21, 2024

Incredible tiny homes are all over the country. Check out the coolest tiny home in each state and the awesome features each one includes.

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This tiny home from AL Tiny Homes is the Freedom model and comes with sleek white interior. It features plenty of storage and room to walk around. The Freedom model is available beginning at $63,000.

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One of the tiny house listings in Alaska is a 2013 Tumbleweed Cypress model that measures 20 feet long, 8 feet wide and 13 feet tall. It include a knotty pine interior and a cork floor.

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The big windows throughout this tiny home in Arizona provides plenty of natural light for a tiny house owner. It also has 84 square feet of loft space in the 208-square foot home. The loft has enough room for two queen size beds.

Slipping into a tiny home isn’t a slam dunk, check out the things you need to consider before settling into a tiny home.

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This Arkansas tiny home looks unusual from the exterior but inside the 8×20 home is 220 square feet with two separate loft areas. It features a distressed look inside and the reason for the unusual exterior is that it includes a folding deck.

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Leave it to California to have an elegant tiny home for sale. This tiny home is made from an old shipping container. It includes a rooftop deck to enjoy the gorgeous Californian sunsets. It’s available for $69,000 and can be shipped.

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Dubbed the “unfoldable house” this tiny house was featured on HGTV’s “Tiny House Big Living.” The interior is just as stunning.

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This tiny home in Connecticut borrows from an A-frame design a bit. It’s a 190-square foot home listed for $70,000.

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Utopian Villas in Delaware has created this tiny home model, called “The Centipede” because it is 100 square feet. The vaulted ceilings will make it feel larger than its 100 square feet and the hinged deck will give dwellers some additional room to spread out.

Photo: Courtesy of Utopian Villas

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Tiny house builders can rely on a variety of materials and this Florida tiny home incorporates windows from a Boeing airplane. The 8-foot-6 wide, 20-foot long, 13-foot-10 tall tiny home also has a skylight to view those airplanes flying by.

Find out how to work with rough sawn lumber to create a rustic look like many of these tiny homes.

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Sip on some sweet iced tea from your porch in this tiny home in Georgia. It’s a little roomier than the typical tiny home with 500 square feet of space inside.

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Yup, there are even tiny houses in Hawaii. This one features two lofts, each of which can fit a king size bed. It’s on wheels as well.

Those tiny homeowners who trailer their home ought to take a look at how to pick the right tow hitch before getting started.

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This tiny home, called “The Black Pearl” was built in 2017 and features some unusual secret hiding places.

Check out crazy hiding places around the home you’ve never considered, like a vacuum cleaner.

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This tiny home in Illinois utilizes energy-efficient items like LED lights and natural light.

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In Indiana, this tiny home has a sharp interior design from its sliding ladder to the lofted bedroom and gorgeous kitchen countertop.

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A beautiful sliding glass door can lead to a fold-out 8-foot by 7-foot deck with this tiny home in Iowa. Inside there is a quartz countertop and custom barn board floating shelves.

Believe it or not, but putting in a floating shelf can cost $20 or less.

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The tile work of this tiny home is Kansas is immaculate in the bathroom and the kitchen backsplash. It makes for a luxurious living space.

Installing a backsplash is one of the easiest DIY projects around. Find the breathtaking backsplash for your kitchen.

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You won’t believe what this tiny house used to be prior to renovation. The adventurer will love living in these old caboose train cars that have 330 square feet of living space.

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This Louisiana tiny house is Louisiana in a lot of ways. From the cypress wood to the antique New Orleans corbel brackets, this tiny home was made from recycled material.

Like the look of reclaimed wood, then you’ll love this reclaimed wood beer caddy project.

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This tiny Maine home doesn’t feel tiny at all with a 16-foot tall ceiling. It’s also big on design work through its custom-made craftsmanship. It’s just like a cabin in central Maine.

See what you’re forgetting to do when winterizing a cabin.

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A perfect pine tiny home in Maryland has an authentic rustic feel, despite being just four years old.

You’ve seen them everywhere but see how you can build your own rustic barn door.

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B & B Micro Manufacturing has created a tiny house that is closer to a high-end RV than a tiny home. This model, “The Arcadia” includes three skylights and a reclaimed barn wood ceiling.

Making a skylight leak-proof would be especially important in a tiny home.

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This Michigan tiny house has a modern rustic feel with a cedar exterior and a knotty pine interior.

Find the perfect wood floor if you’re sick of looking at your old floor.

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This dual lofted tiny home in Minnesota has about 330 square feet with the lofts. Also included is a custom wall garden with an irrigation system, grow lights and a waterfall.

Check out an easy way to start a garden without overhauling your backyard.

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A screened porch and 500 sq ft tiny house on wheels make this tiny home a rustic-looking luxury tiny home. It also comes with a $45,000 price tag.

A screened porch doesn’t have to be elaborate to look good, check out one built for about $6,500.

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This geodesic tiny home is built to withstand almost any kind of weather event. The 14-foot wide, 9-foot tall tiny home, built with fiberglass reinforced plastic, can withstand hurricane-force winds and 30 feet of snowfall pressure.

This “Universal Dome” could be a great space for camping. Make camping more luxurious with portable expresso machine you won’t believe.

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Go green with this solar-powered tiny home. It has four, 250-watt solar panels to power the cedar-sided home. Inside there are granite countertops, a wood stove, two lofts and an additional bedroom.

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Tiny house enthusiasts often turn to old school busses to construct their abode, like this one in Nebraska. Once inside it hardly looks like a school bus with wood floors, a wood stove and a great looking wood table.

Storing wood can go wrong if you don’t stack it right, see the right way to stack wood.

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Living in a shipping container in Nevada sounds like the story of someone who lost a really bad bet. With 160 square feet and gorgeous wood decor it will feel like you won the lottery.

See why you need to add geometrics to your home decor now.

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New Hampshire

Get going on the road with this tiny home in New Hampshire. The 270-square foot tiny home includes a loft space.

Check out a lofted bed that really revs things up.

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New Jersey

New Jersey Tiny Homes has its “Cassie” model available for $39,900. It’s a 238-square foot home equipped for smart devices with Bluetooth streaming, Bluetooth-controlled lighting and a digitally controlled water heater.

Get plugged in so all you have to do is press a button instead of lifting a finger.

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New Mexico

It might look like an hunter’s outpost but this New Mexico tiny home has some character. It includes a porch and a bright interior. It’s fully solar with energy efficient LED lights.

Find out the No. 1 way to make your home energy efficient.

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New York

This tiny house in New York stands tall with its interesting design. It’s an off-the-grid, 450-square foot tiny home that sits just outside a state park. It includes a deck in the front of the house and in the back.

Discover the seven clever tips for building a deck you never knew.

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North Carolina

Wishbone Tiny Homes has a tiny home that separates parts of the house so there is a sense of privacy. The 350-square foot home expands to 750-square feet with the loft and porch.

Find a way to add square footage to your home without breaking the bank.

Photo: Courtesy of Wishbone Tiny Homes

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North Dakota

The intricate window work of this North Dakota tiny home make it great for bird watching or checking out other wildlife. The vaulted ceilings give it a roomier feel than its 399 square feet and the porch gives it additional space.

Keep the birds coming in the colder months with a winter bird feeder.

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The Ravenlore tiny home is something out of a fairy tale with its striking purple exterior and pastel trim colors. Natural lights pours in through its cleverly placed windows.

Know the signs to look for when you need to replace windows.

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This Oklahoma tiny home combines new with old by using old wood from semi truck trailers and galvanized steel from a 50-year-old barn.

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Hardwood floors and quartz countertops make this Oregon tiny home light up. It includes a Murphy bed to increase storage space and comes well insulated.

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In Pennsylvania, Liberation Tiny Homes has created a tiny home big on modern design. The unique roof design makes it stand out from other tiny homes on the market.

Know how to identify roof problems and how to fix them.

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Rhode Island

In the tiny state of Rhode Island there is a tiny house worth its weight. This 400-square foot tiny home overlooks a cove for a beachfront look that is hard to beat for $56,500.

Photo: Courtesy of Key Real Estate Homes

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South Carolina

This tiny house in South Carolina has one of the interesting looks inside and out. The shower tile looks like it came from a quarry and the bucket light fixtures are one-of-a-kind.

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South Dakota

In South Dakota, simple design stands out with this 500 sq ft tiny house on wheels. The solar power system can store enough power to run everything for up to four days without sunlight.

Using solar power isn’t as tough as it seems, see how a solar-powered water heater works.

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Fulfill some log cabin dreams with this Tennessee tiny home. It has incredible wood floors, two lofts, a skylight and a crazy cool shower.

Find a shower head that will change your life with the comfort it will provide.

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This tiny house converted an old school bus but it added additional room by raising the ceiling. The wood walls came from a 1942 Hyde Park Cottage and features butcher block countertops.

This tiny home doesn’t use granite for its countertop and neither do you. Check awesome countertops that aren’t granite.

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Not many tiny homes will rival the view this one in Utah provides. The sky blue trim extends inside to match the white interior beautifully.

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Vibrant colors make this Vermont tiny home exciting. The vibrancy extends inside with tye-dye window curtains on the home, which is made from rough sawn hemlock and pine.

Find out why you need to consider what your curtains are doing for insulation.

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This tiny home in Virginia has some serious style with its butcher block countertops, stainless steel sink and oregano-spice interior color.

See why hanging sample boards isn’t the best way to choose paint colors.

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This Washington tiny home has some serious kitchen capabilities in its 144-square foot space. It includes a convection oven and an induction burner.

Find the smartest convection oven on the market that will know how long to cook food on its own. 

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West Virginia

This tiny home in West Virginia comes with acreage for a picturesque escape. This home is actually 500 square feet with a modern design for the interior.

Use that DIY spirit for homemade furniture that will make a room shine.

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This tiny house has a cottage feel with its rustic charm. It has a custom Japanese soaking tub and a wood burning stove that will make it so you don’t have to leave. The dormer helps expand the home into 288 square feet.

A dormer makes a house stand out and gives people more headroom.

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Solid maple cabinets and excellent woodworking throughout this tiny home make it cozy.

Learn the tips for perfect wood finishing.

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