9 Creative Range Hood Cover Ideas

Updated: Jun. 09, 2023

Whether you're planning a full kitchen remodel or a little sprucing up, there are many ways to cover up your range hood vent. Think about your overall plan for the kitchen and work in a range hood vent cover up that suits your style. Here are some options for inspiration.

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Custom Cabinet Range Hood

Build a custom cabinet to cover up your ugly range hood. The operative word here is custom. That’s because the size of the cabinet depends on the size of your hood vent and the space available above it.

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Refresh Range Hood Cover Paint

On a budget, but still want a new look for your old range hood? A few coats of high-heat resistant appliance spray paint is an easy and affordable way to give your range hood vent a new look for less. Check the paint aisle of any hardware store or home center for just the right color.

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metal kitchen vent hood
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Sheet Metal Range Hood Cover

If you’re comfortable with metal working, cover up your old range hood vent using sheets of galvanized metal—the same material used to install flashing along a chimney. Your home center will have sheets or rolls of metal, as well as specialty tin snips for cutting. (If you need help check out these tips for cutting sheet metal.) If you’re looking for something with more of an antique flare, consider buying custom metal finishes to match your style.

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clean oven range vent hood
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Range Hood Cover Deep Cleaning

Maybe cleaning your range hood vent is just the TLC it needs to come back to life. A good deep cleaning costs next to nothing and won’t take more than an hour or so.

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Decorative Range Hood Cover Box

Build a custom decorative box to cover your old range hood. Reorganize your kitchen, so you don’t need the extra space of an overhead cabinet and then cover the front and sides with wood that you can stain or paint as shown here. You’ll still have access to the vent controls by reaching underneath. And, the front ledge works as a spot for small fun or functional objects.

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Corbel Range Hood Cover

If your range hood cover itself is simply boring, make a statement with a stylish cover. If you’re a novice woodworker, but you want to spruce up your range hood, add corbels. This old French word simply means a fixture coming out from a wall to support a structure above it. In this instance, the corbels function strictly as a decorative accent piece since your hood cover is already mounted in place. You can buy pre-made corbels or you can handcraft and install your own design and mount them under your range hood cover. Here are a few simple steps for range hood installation.

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Faux Finish Range Hood Cover

Another way to show your ugly range hood some love on a budget is to disguise it with contact paper made for appliances. This weekend kitchen upgrade can be applied to any kitchen appliance.

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Tile Range Hood Cover

Tile floors, tiled bathroom walls, tile backsplashes—tile can be added to just about anything, including your unsightly range hood. You could install a few accent tiles or cover the entire surface to make it blend in with a tiled wall.

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Drywall Range Hood Cover

One way to hide a range hood is to make it disappear. If you’ve got enough space, you can inset your range and vent hood and surround it with drywall. The entire vent assembly is out of sight, so if you paint the kitchen a single color, you’ve created a sleek, uncluttered facade.