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Amazing Cabin Kits You Can Buy On Amazon

If you've ever dreamed of building your own small cabin, garden shed or tiny home in less than a week, you can make your dream come true. Cabin kits are an ingenious solution for DIYers. Do your research, buy a kit and start building!

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Eat, Sleep, Repeat

This may be one of the more versatile cabin kits on this list. There are multiple sleeping space possibilities with the loft, the layout is customizeable, and it is described as a cabin that is “well suited even for colder climates.” With either double- or triple-glass windows and doors, this cabin is also energy efficient. Make the most of your space with multi-tasking furniture pieces.

Check out these 15 ways to make a smaller room look bigger.

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The Indoor/Outdoor Getaway

Remember the time you looked outside your window on a beautiful day and thought, “I wish my living room could be out there instead of in here.” Even if you’ve never thought that, we find it hard to believe that you wouldn’t want a tiny oasis like this. You could outfit the interior as your sleeping space and bathroom, while leaving the relaxing zone in the wondrous outdoors. It may be best suited for warm climates, but on a beautiful day anywhere, this cabin would be a great place to hang out.

When storage space is limited, consider one of these creative solutions.

Make your outdoor living space more welcoming with these inspired ideas.

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The Contemporary Cabin

Maybe you’re one of those people who wants anything but a cabin-looking cabin. If so, then this one might be perfect for you. While it can be used for a cabin guest house, it would also make a fantastic working getaway. If you can escape to work elsewhere for a week, then this might be the best place for you to cross items off your to-do list by day and sleep in the wilderness by night.

Get excited to build your tiny cabin by reading about someone who already has and loves it.

If you’re planning to upgrade your office, check out these 10 easy DIY office projects.

Keep the office organized with these handy ideas.

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DIY Tiny House

Build your own tiny house with the help of DIY University’s expert online course. Get floor plans, construction blueprints, materials list, instructions and professional guidance all at your fingertips. Make it a guest house, a cabin in the woods, an backyard living room—whatever you want!

Sign up for the tiny house online course now.

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Go for the Loft

We love this cabin kit because of the loft! It’s essentially like a fort within the ‘cabin so it makes a perfect space for a bed, a playroom or a reading nook, if you’re so inclined. Bu customizing the trim on this cabin kit you can make it truly your own. When you decorate the loft, look to these fun attic spaces as inspiration.

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The Simple Single Room

Henry David Thoreau wrote Walden while living in a very small cabin he built himself. This may not be the same kind of cabin, but its simplicity is undeniable. Escape technology and large, over-decorated spaces to spend time in this quaint and unpretentious cabin. Who knows? You may be inspired to write your own book! Consider these 11 ways to bring order to your living room.

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Open Living Space

If you’ve ever lived in a studio apartment, you know how creative decorating can make a small space feel like a 2-bedroom apartment. This cabin’s L-shape floor plan is ideal for creative DIYers. Enter through the porch, and then make your way into the open kitchen/dining/living area. Then, past the bookcase room divider is the tucked-away bedroom. One small, open space can so easily be transformed to a cozy home away from home. Have fun considering one of these room dividers that help you define your space.

This handsome folding screen is completely DIY friendly.

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Timber Cabin Kit

If you’re looking for a traditional cabin kit, then this is a fantastic option. It’s rather spacious compared to other cabin kits and has a great layout that you can customize. Also, seriously, when you think of a cabin in the woods, doesn’t something like this pop into your head?

Once you have your cabin, check out these 10 DIY cabin project ideas.

See the log cabin playhouse one of our readers made for only $5!

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Quintessentially Quaint

If you’re a master of doing more with less, then this sweet cabin is probably close to perfect for you. You could outfit the larger room with a kitchenette and a Murphy bed and bookcase to save space, while the smaller room could be the bathroom. But that’s only one idea—the possibilities are endless! Look at these 13 incredible tiny home kitchens.

Save space in your kitchen with these tips.

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Let the Light In

Starved for sunshine year-round? Then build this cabin and let more sunshine into your life. This well-windowed cabin would be perfect by a lake or the ocean. If you live in an area with lots of sunlight, solar panels may be the best energy source for you.

And, check out these DIY solar power projects.

Keep these plants alive all winter in your well-lit space.

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Curved-Top Cabin

This could be the perfect little cabin if you want to escape to sleep, read and maybe even do a little yoga in the morning. With its curved roof and abundant windows, this cabin has plenty of charm. This raised patio planter would look lovely alongside any cabin.

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