8 Best Mouse Traps of 2024

Updated: Mar. 12, 2024

Searching for a way to rid your home of pesky mice or other rodents? We've rounded up the best mouse traps available, and one of the worst.

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8 Best Mouse Traps Of 2023VIA MERCHANT

Buying a Mouse Trap

A home hasn’t yet been invented that a mouse can’t find its way into. Mice can squeeze through openings as small as one-quarter of an inch, and they see our homes as bastions of comfortable temperatures and delicious snacks. Although you may think mice are cute, they can also destroy food, damage wiring and introduce disease to your home.

Whether you’re a homeowner or renter, it’s always a good idea to keep a mouse trap or two on hand so you can respond quickly when these rodents come around.

If you’re in the market for mouse traps, here are a few factors to keep in mind:

  • Technology: The main concern is the method used to trap and/or kill the mouse. Traps are generally spring-activated, electric or trap-based.
  • Visibility: Some traps leave a dead mouse in plain sight, while others hide them away. Be aware of your personal level of squeamishness when considering a trap.
  • Humane treatment: Some live traps allow catch and release, but kill traps can be more or less humane as well. A well-designed mouse trap should kill as quickly and painlessly as possible.
    • If you have any interest in humane pest control, definitely avoid glue traps. These result in a slow and terrifying end for trapped mice.
  • Child/pet protection: For homes with children and/or pets, consider an enclosed trap that keeps fingers and paws out of harm’s way.
  • Ease of use: A traditional spring trap can be difficult to load. Look for traps that are easy to set.

With that in mind, here are eight great mouse traps, plus one to avoid!

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Best Budget Mouse Trap via merchant

Best Budget Mouse Trap

For value, you can’t beat the classic spring-loaded Victor mouse trap. They’ve been making mouse traps for 120 years, and the same basic design still works.

At about 54 cents a trap (less if you buy in bulk), you can afford a bunch of them. In case of a mess you just throw the whole thing away, mouse and all.

Downsides are visibility (you’ll see all the gruesome details), pet/child safety (keep it away from curious paws or fingers) and ease of use. For those with arthritis or hand strength issues, these can be difficult to set.

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Best Electric Mouse Trap via merchant

Best Electric Mouse Trap

Electric mouse traps zap the critter with a powerful electric charge, disrupting its heartbeat with up to 9,000 volts. We favor the Owltra Indoor Electric Mouse Trap.

One set of four AA batteries puts out enough charge to kill 60 mice. And unlike some other electric models, you can reuse this trap without buying additional parts.

The Owltra features a bait station with air vents at the rear. The aroma lures mice. Once inside, the mouse will pass two sets of infrared sensors before the trap triggers, preventing accidental discharge from a curious child or pet.

The downsides to this design? If you fail to remove a dead mouse promptly, the waste liquids can be tough to clean. And it’s not intended for outdoor use.

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Best Outdoor Electric Mouse Trap

Like electric traps but need to eliminate mouse activity in a wet or damp environment? Owltra’s Outdoor/Indoor Rodent Trap is the best option we’ve found.

Notably, the designers did far more than slap a waterproof lid on their indoor model. The outdoor version offers more power and size to handle rats, chipmunks and other larger rodents as well as mice. It takes four D batteries rather than AAs, and can also be powered with a USB line.

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Most Sensitive Mouse Trap via merchant

Most Sensitive Mouse Trap

Surprisingly, most mouse trap manufacturers don’t talk up how sensitive their products are. The only manufacturer we found who does is Feeke. It eagerly touts the quick trigger on its MO-1 mouse trap. It requires only 0.025 pounds of weight to activate it.

Don’t set it out around children or pets, of course. But if you’ve got a clever mouse who manages to clean the bait out of other traps, this is a great choice.

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Most Discrete Spring Loaded Mouse Trap via merchant

Most Discrete Spring-Loaded Mouse Trap

If you need to eliminate some mice but can’t stomach the aftereffects, consider the Kat Sense Tunnel Trap. It’s named for the two tunnel-like entrances on either side of its plastic shell. There’s a spring-loaded trap inside, entirely hidden from view. It’s easy to set and doesn’t require handling the dead mouse.

Downsides? If you’ve got children and pets, a finger or tiny paw might fit into the tunnel, so use with discretion. And it’s a single-use trap that costs more than $8.

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Best Bucket Mouse Trap via merchant

Best Bucket Mouse Trap

A bucket mouse trap features a tiny access ramp and a trap door, dumping mice into a secure bucket. A great example is the Tulardum Bucket Mouse Trap. Like most bucket traps, the Tulardum kit consists of the ramp and cover; you provide the five-gallon bucket.

A bucket trap is always ready to go. Unlike a traditional spring-loaded trap that must be reset after each catch, after one mouse drops through the trap door, this trap is ready to catch another.

Putting oil or water in the bucket kills any mice that drop in. You could also leave it empty for humane catch and release.

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Best Humane Mouse Trap via merchant

Best Humane Mouse Trap

A humane catch-and-release product traps the mouse in a plastic tube. The Motel Mouse comes with air vents and won’t trap the mouse’s tail. It comes with an easy, no-touch release option.

Like most humane traps, Motel Mouse is safe around pets and children. It also comes in different sizes and colors so you can pick the best possible match for your home and pests.

An added touch we like: A cleaning brush to keep the trap sanitary and scent-free. Besides controlling general odors, it won’t scare away new mice.

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Most Ridiculously Over The Top Mouse Trap via merchant

Most Ridiculously Over-the-Top Mouse Trap

Just because you can make a more complicated mouse trap doesn’t mean you should. We’re ending our list with a product to avoid: The Victor M1 Smart Kill, a 21st century creation straight out of a low-budget horror movie.

We can’t really explain why a mouse trap needs to be WiFi compatible, or why someone might pay almost $70 for it. We do have to admit the app notification is a helpful reminder to remove the mouse’s body before it decomposes.

But beyond that, does a kill count tracker and low battery notification really add that much to your mouse trapping experience? And if your mice are active in places without WiFi coverage, like the garage, you won’t get the app’s benefits anyway.

The 3.5-star Amazon rating reflects all of these concerns. (Family Handyman requires a 4.0 minimum for recommended products.)