The 10 Best Concrete Paints That Seal the Deal

The best concrete paint will seal your basement floor, deck or garage against spills, leaks and wear-and-tear—and look darn good doing it.

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The best concrete paint extends the life of your garage floor, deck or basement. Painting tough concrete surfaces preserves and protects floors while also preventing slips. If that doesn’t seal the deal: consider the surface appeal. Concrete floor paint adds a pop of color to utilitarian spaces. Whether you are finishing a basement or giving your garage an overhaul, the best concrete paint adds polish and practicality to your project.

You don’t need to be a professional to dress up ho-hum flooring with these concrete coatings. Instead, try the expert-vetted picks below to find the best concrete paint for your project. Before you grab a brush and roller, check out our guide on how to paint a concrete floor—it could save you a headache!

The Best Concrete Paints

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Hgtv Home By Sherwin Williams Weathershield
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Best Overall Concrete Paint

HGTV Home by Sherwin Williams Weathershield

With dozens of customizable sheens and colors, there’s no better all-around option than our top pick for the best concrete paint. HGTV Home’s Weathershield paint by Sherwin Williams blocks dirt and stains. It applies directly on top of ground-in debris for less time prepping. Weatherproof and resistant against cracking, peeling, blistering, algae and mildew, this paint is perfect for porches, basements and garages.

The best part is that the paint applies safely in temperatures as low as 35 degrees—perfect for fall projects. Fade-resistant ingredients protect the finish. Bonus: there’s no need to touch up the basement man cave every year as there is with regular interior paint.


  • Fade-resistant finish
  • Weatherproof coating
  • Variety of color options
  • Applies over ground-in dirt without peeling or bubbling


  • May require multiple coats in some colors
  • Dries quickly, so you need to apply fast

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Flex Seal Liquid Rubber Sealant Paint Ecomm Via
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Best Waterproof Concrete Paint

Flex Seal Liquid Rubber Sealant Paint

Prevent leaks with Flex Seal liquid rubber sealant paint. Similar to basement sealer, this mildew-resistant paint applies like wall paint using rollers or brushes you already have lying around. After drying, the watertight, flexible rubber coating seals up cracks and leaks.

Apart from offering a slip-proof finish, Flex Seal liquid sealant paint comes in various colors including grey, white and black. Use it in a leaky basement, or apply some on your home’s foundation to block out moisture and add color.


  • Stops leaks and fills cracks
  • Non-slip finish perfect for concrete floors
  • Mildew and chemical-resistant
  • Comes with 1-year warranty


  • May require more than one coat
  • Dries slowly

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Drylock Semi Gloss Concrete And Garage Floor Paint
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Best Concrete Paint for Driveways

Drylock Semi-Gloss Concrete and Garage Floor Paint

The epoxy ester resin in Drylok’s semi-gloss concrete floor paint means fewer touchups year-over-year. It’s the best choice for larger outdoor areas like driveways and patios that frequently come into contact with snow removal tools. Because it dries tough and cleans up easily with soap and water, there’s little maintenance needed to keep painted areas looking fresh.

Despite resistance to UV rays, hot tire pick-up, chemicals, oil, grease and gasoline, there’s very little chemical smell and no complicated mixing instructions. It applies smoothly and easily, much like interior wall paint.


  • UV-resistant formula prevents fading
  • Gallon covers 300-400 square feet
  • Cleans up easily with soap and water


  • Won’t stick to sealers or other coatings
  • Can’t drive over it for a few days after application

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Concrete Resurrection Cement Stain
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Best Concrete Paint for Pool Decks

Concrete Resurrection Cement Stain

Want a wash of color without being limited to slate gray or white? Try Concrete Resurrection’s cement stain. It applies and acts just like a wood stain, sinking deep into any concrete surface. Simply mix the concentrate with water and apply for a semi-transparent wash of color that looks lovely on pools, garages and basement floors.

Layer together colors for a marbled effect, or stick to one shade—there are more than a dozen to choose from! Once the stain sets, add a coat of sealant for a colorful driveway or deck that lasts through frigid winter weather patterns.


  • Works on pool decks
  • Comes in 36 different shades
  • Only requires water to mix
  • Can be used with a sprayer for fast application


  • Needs to be sealed after staining
  • Can’t be applied over existing sealers

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Rust Oleum Epoxyshield Garage Paint Kit
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Best Concrete Paint for Garages

Rust-Oleum EpoxyShield Garage Paint Kit

Want to paint a garage floor but not sure what materials to buy? Rust-Oleum’s EpoxyShield garage paint kit comes with a two-step system that has everything necessary for a full garage floor overhaul. Apart from a chip-resistant epoxy finish and the included vinyl color chips, this kit has a low-odor formula that’s perfect for indoors.

The kit comes in a selection of 11 tinted shades, so there’s a color that matches almost any garage shelving unit. Just be sure to fill any cracks before application for the best results.


  • 11 tinted colors available
  • Chip and flake-resistant
  • Epoxy finish doesn’t stick to tires


  • Surface temperatures must be above 65-degrees during application
  • Can’t be used over existing moisture problems

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Fixall Skid Grip Coating
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Best Skid-Proof Concrete Paint

Fixall Skid Grip Coating

This workhorse concrete paint is your go-to for any area that requires an anti-slip surface. The acrylic paint works on concrete and asphalt and can be used on patios, pools, decks, driveways, steps, ramps, basement flooring and more.

Since it’s designed to be skid-resistant, Fixall is ideal for both indoor and outdoor spaces, extending its usefulness into high-traffic areas. Available in a variety of colors, this product makes a statement anywhere it’s applied.


  • Skid-resistant finish
  • Easy application with a brush or roller
  • Prevents flaking and peeling
  • Exceeds ADA standards for anti-slip surfaces


  • May require more product for full treatment
  • Color may appear different from packaging

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Valspar Light Gray Satin Exterior Porch And Floor Paint
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Best Budget Concrete Paint

Valspar Porch and Floor Paint

Anyone who has ever undergone a renovation or remodel knows that every penny saved counts. This Valspar pick is the best paint for concrete that won’t break the bank. The acrylic latex compound works just as well on concrete as it does on wood, making it a good fit for indoor and outdoor use.

The smooth satin finish of this concrete paint adds polish to ordinary surfaces, and its weather-resistant design means it stands up to wear and tear from the elements. The light-gray coating adds a nice touch to all types of projects, from home bars to porches.


  • Best bang for your buck
  • Smooth finish resists scuffs, scrapes and scratches
  • Dries quickly after application
  • Compatible with interior and exterior surfaces


  • Not skid-resistant
  • Only available in gray

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Kilz Slate Gray Satin Exterior Porch And Floor Paint
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Best Environmentally-Friendly Concrete Paint

Kilz Concrete and Garage Floor Paint

Designed with a low VOC (volatile organic compound) content, this water-based epoxy floor paint is kind to the planet but tough on protecting your floors. The chemical-resistant formula prevents scuffing, fading and blistering of basement floors, driveways, porches and pool decks. You should consider epoxy basement flooring if you want a waterproof and durable basement.

Available in silver and slate gray—each with a satin finish—this product coordinates with most existing surface jobs. And since it offers up to 500 square feet of coverage, you’ll be able to maximize its usage.


  • Doesn’t give off potentially harmful gases (like traditional paint)
  • Easy cleanup
  • Doesn’t need to be mixed
  • Mold-resistant


  • Can’t be used on wood
  • Not designed for vertical surfaces

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Insl X Sure Step Acrylic Anti Slip Coating Paint
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Best Concrete Floor Paint

Sure Step Acrylic Anti-Slip Coating

Available in an array of colors—desert sand, gray pearl, saddle brown, pine green, white and tile red—this acrylic concrete paint adds style and polish to any indoor or outdoor surface. The skid-resistant matte finish is designed for high-traffic areas like stairs, walkways and patios.

One can provides approximately 80 to 120 square feet of coverage, and any spills are cleaned up easily with soap and water. After painting a space, keep it tidy with these smart organizing ideas.


  • Available in seven stylish colors
  • Maintains appearance over time
  • Works on concrete, wood and metal
  • Anti-slip formula


  • Dirt may be more visible on dark paint colors
  • Higher-than-average price point

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Seal Krete Epoxy Seal 1 Part Charcoal Gray Satin Concrete And Garage Floor Paint
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Most Durable Concrete Paint

Epoxy-Seal Concrete and Garage Floor Paint

If your garage floor has taken a beating lately, a coat of this Seal Krete concrete paint will help it stand up to repeated wear and tear from tires, water, oil and grease. The acrylic-epoxy blend works on any indoor or outdoor concrete surface, such as patios, porches and basements.

Its waterproof, UV-resistant formula offers up to 500 square feet of coverage and dries with a satin finish that protects against stains, peeling and fading.


  • Three times sturdier than standard porch or floor paints
  • Quick-drying
  • Tinting isn’t required
  • Low-odor formula


  • Not skid-resistant
  • Not compatible with wood or metal

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Insl X Sure Step Acrylic Anti Slip Coating Paint Ecomm

What to Consider When Buying Concrete Paint

Before clicking add-to-cart, make sure the product you choose checks all the boxes. According to home and painting expert Kyle Leman, the best paint for concrete should be durable, stain-resistant and safe for everyone in your home.

“Paints with UV resistance and waterproofing capabilities are usually superior choices. If the surface is prone to moisture, anti-mold and mildew additives are beneficial,” says Leman. “Stay away from paints that have high levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as they can be harmful to both health and the environment.”

Types of Concrete Paint

The two types of concrete paint are epoxy and acrylic, each of which have their advantages. Picking the best concrete floor paint depends on the overall look you’re hoping to achieve, as well as your application preference. “Epoxy-based paints are durable and ideal for garage floors, while acrylic latex is more suited for outdoor surfaces due to its UV resistance,” notes Leman.

How We Found the Best Concrete Paints

As shopping experts, our only job is to help you find a winning product. We started by vetting top-rated picks from Walmart, Amazon and Lowe’s. Then, we thoroughly read descriptions and consulted with brands to gather information on the most important features found in the best concrete paints. Durability, look, finish and application are all things we take into consideration.

Taking advice from industry insiders and subject-matter experts, we compared these features and narrowed down our list to the best performers. Finally, we combed through user reviews to see how real people interact with the paint, and if it stands up to expectations. The result? We’re confident that these are the 10 best concrete paints available on the market thanks to extensive research and expert guidance.

About the Experts

Kyle Leman, owner of Crossroads Foundation Repair, has been helping homeowners with construction and remodeling projects for over 15 years. Leman’s passion for providing long-lasting waterproofing and repair services for foundation, basements and crawl spaces is second only to his penchant for educating customers on how to best maintain the concrete surfaces in their home. As a certified contractor with over 20 years of experience in residential and commercial painting projects, Leman has extensive experience in dealing with various types of paints, including concrete paint.


How long does concrete paint take to dry?

Plan to apply at least two coats. Allow the first coat to dry completely (which takes approximately four hours) before proceeding to the second. If you expect to walk on the concrete after it’s painted, we recommend waiting a minimum of one to two days before the final coat is applied for the best results.

To help speed up the drying process, try running a dehumidifier before and during the paint job. Afterwards, close all the windows and turn on the air conditioning or a fan.

Is concrete paint waterproof?

It depends on the type: Epoxy is typically waterproof and does not require any additional sealing layers, while acrylic paint may not be 100 percent water-resistant and can benefit from a sealer coat. Either way, it’s best to apply a primer prior to painting to maximize staying power according to foundation and concrete Kyle Leman.

“A primer is crucial for better adhesion,” says Leman. “After the primer, two coats of paint are generally recommended, allowing ample drying time between coats. Using a roller can provide a smoother finish compared to a brush.”

How long does concrete paint last?

It varies by brand, but as general rule of thumb, plan to apply a new coat every three to five years. Always prepare the surface properly before adding another coat, as improper preparation can speed up the wear and tear on concrete paint.

“Preparation is key to achieving a long-lasting finish. The surface must be clean, dry, and free from cracks or holes. Acid etching or concrete grinding may be necessary for particularly stubborn surfaces,” Leman notes.

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