15 Useful Tools for Collecting Leaves

Updated: Jan. 24, 2024

With fall comes of the promise of leaves, clumping up on your grass and matting down on your flowerbeds (even old needles make an appearance). These leaves foster mold and block the sun, so removing them ASAP is a smart move. We've got the best leaf rakes, blowers, mulchers and every other fall tool you will need.

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A man, a utility worker, removes leaves
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Leaf Blower

If you don’t have many leaves but they are still a nuisance on your driveway or deck, a leaf blower can help to quickly clear things up. You can choose from gas, electric, or cordless leaf blowers based on the size and scope of your leaf collection requirements. Most homeowners find cordless leaf blowers to be more than adequate since they are efficient, eco-friendly, and easy to use.
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Craftsman Leaf Rake
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Leaf-Friendly Fan Rake

Heavy rakes are great for breaking up the soil, but for raking leaves without damaging your lawn, you need a leaf rake. These rakes are simple, affordable and make dealing with leaves so much easier.
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Leaf Scoop
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Scoops/Claws for Leaves

For large piles of leaves, leaf scoops make transportation much easier. This tool shaped like large claws fit around your hands so you can, well, “scoop” a large pile very quickly.

Also, check these helpful and best tips for dealing with fall leaves.

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Fiskars Garden Claw
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Garden Claw

Fall leaves can often become matted against soil, around trees or in flower beds. You should use a garden claw to root them out before these leaf mats start causing problems.
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Fhm Ecomm Fall Tool Leaf Vacuum Via Amazon.com
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Fall Tool Leaf Vacuum

For bigger leaf projects, pick up a leaf vacuum that suck leaves into a bag for easy disposable. Additionally, this tool is especially useful for clearing up channels and corners where leaves drift into long piles.
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Earthwise 50002 Gator Grabber Telescoping Leaf Clean Up Tool
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Advanced Pick-Up Rake

This clever tool has a “grabber” design using two different sections to clasp onto leaf piles. Think of them like leaf scoopers, but with a much longer reach and dual-purpose raking.
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Kids Leaf Rake
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Kid’s Leaf Rake

Does your kid want to help you clean up leaves? Encourage them to be helpful with a kid’s leaf rake made just for them. This fall tool will make your little helper feel included and will hopefully make your job more fun too!
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Electric garden shredder
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Leaf Mulcher/Shredder

Leaf mulchers pulverize leaves into a useful mulch, and is ideal for large outdoor gardens and eco-friendly landscaping. Instead of throwing your leaves away, consider mulching them with the right leaf mulcher model.
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Fall Mowing
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Mulching Mower

If your mower is equipped with a simple mulching blade and your lawn is covered in leaves, think about a mulching session before the final cleanup. Your lawnmower can shred the leaves ahead of time for fast disposable or use in your garden. It’s the best of both worlds.

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Vacuum sweeper towed by a tractor work in autumn park.
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Sweeper for Big Cleanup Projects

A lawn sweeper is an attachment you can use with your lawn tractor that helps gather up leaves as you go along. Lawn sweepers are a handy tool for gathering leaves on very large lawns. They are also helpful for lawns with far-scattered leaves that need to be quickly collected.
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Leaf Broom
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Leaf Roof Brush

A leaf roof brush is an extended, angled outdoor broom with a lightweight handle. And it is designed to help you draw leaves off of your roof before they cause damage. Roof brushes are a much safer option than power-washing your roof, which can damage shingles.
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Wheelbarrow and autumn leaves in tarps
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Leaf Tarp

You may prefer to blow/rake your leaves onto a leaf tarp (a tarp with reinforced handles for easier handling), which you can then fold up and drag away. It’s a reusable and convenient way to move and dispose of large leaf piles. It is also a great solution if you prefer not to use bags.
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shutterstock_627601976 gardening durable water proof gloves cleaning up leaves

Durable, Waterproof Garden Gloves

Garden gloves come in useful when gathering leaves, spreading leaf mulch and doing routine fall garden cleanup tasks . Gardening gloves are also particularly handy when the time comes to clean all those leaves out of your gutters.
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Leaf Bag
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Eco-Friendly Leaf Bags

Try one of these reuseable SnapBagger bags for smaller leaf piles. This tool is easy to fill and carry around and won’t waste your plastic garbage bags.
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Fhm Ecomm Reusable Leaf Chute Via Lowes.com
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Reusable Leaf Chute

Leaf chutes are affordable, upright boxes and guiders that you can use to quickly to fill up bags, mulchers or cans with leaves. These make fall cleanup projects be more efficient, and can be reused as necessary.