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A house is much more than just a collection of rooms. Here’s everything that goes into making your house a home.

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31 Cheap Workshop Updates for the Ultimate DIY Space

Our readers know how to make the most of their home shop space. These 31 updates don’t cost much (or anything at all!) but make a huge improvement for DIYing.

How to Get Started in Welding

Whether you’d like to build custom cars or just fix a cracked lawn mower deck, learning to weld gives your...

Family Handyman’s Vintage Projects From the ’50s

Family Handyman has always taken great pride in teaching readers to DIY through the use of step-by-step projects. To celebrate...

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How to Replace a Fluorescent Light Ballast

Stop fluorescent lights from flickering and humming with a new ballast.

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100 Incredible Projects By DIYers Like You

From unique accent walls to crazy automotive creations, these real-life projects are as interesting and inspiring as the DIYers who...

Everything to Know About Barrel Hinges

Barrel hinges function so discretely and out of sight, you could very well call them the true hidden gems of...

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Best and Worst Garage Heaters

Pick the right heating unit for your shop

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14 Super-Simple Workbenches You Can Build

Every home workshop (even if it's just a sliver of your garage) needs a quality workbench. One of these 14...

How to Remove Rust From Tools

Here's a much easier way to rusty tools than scraping and sanding them. Pour white vinegar into a can and...

How to Build a Welding Table

Admit it: You’ve always wanted to learn how to weld. This easy project will teach you how.

How to Remove Dents in Wood

Don't worry, it can be fixed!

Homemade Penetrating Oil

Can’t find the rust penetrant? Try this home brew for penetrating fluid.

Saturday Morning Workshop: How To Build A Folding Stool

Build a few of these small folding stools in an afternoon, and take them out camping or to sit around...

Upgrading Your Garage Workshop

Five great garage improvements that don't cost a fortune

Tips for Loosening Nuts, Bolts and Screws

These tips will show you how to quickly and efficiently loosen all the stuck fasteners around your house.

How to Recycle Old Tools

You're doing a bit of decluttering and find you have some old tools in the garage or workshop that are...

Super-Capacity Tool Cart

Roll it to your work zone for instant access; park it in a corner for space-saving storage.

How to Make Your Workshop Smarter

I also use an Amazon Echo in the garage. I know this doesn’t sound like unplugging, but just giving voice...

Ridiculously Simple Shop Stool Plans

Walk into your workshop with a few boards under one arm and walk out a few hours later with a...

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How to Carry Cumbersome Sheet Goods Yourself

Carrying plywood is incredibly simple with a simple length of rope.

How to Mark Nail Placement Without a Pencil

Save yourself a step during your next woodworking project.

How to Make Nonslip Sandpaper

Glue together a sheet of sandpaper to stop it from slipping during a sanding project

How to Renew Old Epoxy

Renew some old epoxy in one simple step

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How to Keep Your Allen Wrench Within Reach

Stop searching for an Allen wrench to change the saw on your band saw.

How to Use a Power Planer

And electric planer: It shaves and shapes wood like a hand plane, a belt sander and a jointer all rolled...

How to Safely Dispose of Used Workshop Blades

Safely dispose of used blades and eliminate the risk of cutting through a trash bag and injuring someone, put the...

How to Measure Accurately with an Old Tape Measure

The hook at the end of a tape measure is designed to slip in and out a little. But a...

How To Easily Tighten a Wobbly Chair in 2 Minutes

Got a chair with a wobbly leg? This usually happens because the glue holding the legs and “stretchers” together no longer...

How to Use Nail Polish to Secure Loose Screws

Got screws that won't stay put? Paint a thin coat of nail polish on screws to keep them from coming...