Car Engines

Your engine is the heart of your car or truck. Here, you’ll find out how and when to complete repairs and what regular maintenance your car or truck engine may need.

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How To Choose the Right Oil Filter for Your Car

Keep your engine running cleaner and longer by choosing the right oil filter.

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How Long Do Electric Car Batteries Last?

Is that question keeping you from making the leap to electric? We've got answers!

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Should You Switch To Synthetic Oil in Your Car?

Synthetic oil provides better engine protection and it lasts longer than conventional motor oil. So should you switch? Let's find...

If Your Car’s Belts Are Noisy, This Is What It Means

A car engine belt that's squealing or chirping indicates a problem that needs to be fixed.

How To Replace the Battery Terminals in Your Car

If your car cranks over slowly or the battery terminals are corroded or cracked, it's time to replace the terminal...

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Why You Should Test Your Car’s Fluids

Testing the condition of your car's fluids is a straightforward way to find out if they're really protecting your expensive...

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What Does CC Mean in an Engine?

When discussing engines, CC doesn't mean you've been included on an email. Find our how a Beach Boys' song can...

What Are Remote Battery Terminals on a Car?

Does your vehicle come with remote battery terminals? Find out why and where they are so you can access them...

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How Do You Reset the Check Engine Light on Your Car?

A check engine light indicates problems with your vehicle's emissions system. While you can turn the CEL off yourself,...

BMW Stops Selling Gasoline Motorcycles (Temporarily)

The company's voluntary stop sale notice has shocked bikers around the world.

Do Electric Cars Have Transmissions?

While electric vehicles (EVs) are no longer novel, basic questions like this one have many consumers looking for answers.

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How To Check and Change Pressure Washer Pump Oil

Want to get the most from your gas-powered pressure washer this summer? Learn how to change the pump and engine...

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What Is Diesel Exhaust Fluid?

Diesel exhaust fluid, or DEF, is a solution of deionized water and urea. It eliminates noxious nitrogen oxides from diesel...

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How To Reset the Oil Change Light in Your Car

Is your vehicle displaying the oil change light? Keep reading to learn why this happens and how to reset it.

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Are Electric Vehicles More Likely To Catch on Fire?

Electric vehicle battery fires aren't all that common, but they do happen. Here's what you need to know to prevent...

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5 Ways To Start a Car With a Bad Starter

Got a car that won't start? A faulty starter could be the culprit. Learn how to diagnose starter problems.

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How Much Is an Oil Change?

One of the best things you can do for you car is change the oil regularly. Whether you do it...

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Do Electric Cars Need Oil Changes?

If the engine is battery-operated, do electric cars need oil changes? Great question! Here's what you need to know.

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How Often Do You Need to Replace the Air Filter in a Car?

Knowing the frequency is key to protecting the engine and keeping it running smoothly for years.

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Upgrade Your Garage with the DeWalt Socket Wrench Set: We Approve!

If you're like me and would rather DIY your car or small engine maintenance, check out this compact and durable...

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What Do Car Trouble Codes Really Mean?

Your vehicle has a problem if the check engine light (CEL) glows. Diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) stored in the computer...

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What to Do If Your Car Won’t Start

Before you call a tow truck, it's worth trying a few of these tips to get your car up and...

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Family Handyman Approved: Sea Foam Motor Treatment

Keep your engines running smoothly.

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How Often Should You Replace Your Timing Belt?

Have you ever wondered if it's time to replace a timing belt? For the answer, listen to your engine and...

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Is It Dangerous to Pump Gas With My Car Running?

We answer the age-old question if running your car engine while refueling is safe, and review the potential dangers.

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What to Do if Your Catalytic Converter Is Stolen

Catalytic converters are an increasingly popular target for thieves looking to make a quick chunk of change. Here's what you...

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Bad Gas Pump Habits That Cost You Hundreds Each Year

These gas pump habits may seem harmless, but they're likely costing you money every time you fill up.

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20 Bad Auto Habits Your Mechanic Wants You to Stop Doing

Keep your mechanic happy by not doing these things to your vehicle.

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What Is Car Smog and How Do I Get It Checked?

You've heard of smog, but do you really know what it is? We'll clear up the misconceptions and explain what...

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How Often Should You Change Your Oil?

Think skipping your daily commute means you can skip your next scheduled oil change? Think again.

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Why Is My Car Shaking?

If your vehicle is shaking, it's not just an irritating nuisance. It means there's likely something wrong with your car.