What to Know About Digging Bars

Updated: Aug. 25, 2023

Learn more about these versatile and powerful digging tools here.

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What is a Digging Bar?

As the name suggests, a digging bar is any large, metal bar used as a tool for digging holes. Usually, digging bars come into play whenever there’s something that needs to be pried up out of the hole or broken up into more manageable chunks. They can also be used as hole starters, and are well suited for digging narrow holes for things like posts and footings.

Digging bars come in all shapes and sizes, with different designs and tip types for a wide range of jobs and applications.

Types of Digging Bars

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Pinch Point Bar/Pry Bar

  • Designed to “pinch” and pry large objects out of holes.
  • Tip is tapered into a wedge shape for easier prying.

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Post-Hole Digger

  • Designed to scoop and lift dirt out of deep, narrow holes.
  • Typically used for digging footings or post holes.

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San Angelo Bar

  • Designed to break through tough soil, roots and other obstructive objects.
  • Heavy and pointed for increased demolition potential.

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Tamper Bar

  • Designed to dig post holes and tamp the ground around them.
  • Typically used along with another digging bar like a post-hole digger.

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How to Use a Digging Bar

Digging bars, regardless of their specific type, are versatile tools. Keep one in your garage or shed next to your shovels and you’ll be ready for all kinds of outdoor work, whether you need to remove a tree stump, put in a fence, or break up ice chunks on your driveway.

Just remember that a digging bar doesn’t substitute for a more traditional shovel or spade, at least not entirely. The tools are meant to complement each other, not replace each other. Remember to always wear a good pair of gloves when you’re using a digging bar, and be careful not to strain yourself while applying leverage or prying something out of a hole.