Genie Wall Mount Garage Door Opener: Family Handyman Approved

Updated: Nov. 30, 2023

This wall-mounted garage door opener provides great functionality without sacrificing style.

In the northern woods of Wisconsin at our Family Handyman Getaway, we wanted to do more than just open the windows in the cabin. So we installed a 12-ft. x 9-ft. Wayne-Dalton glass garage door in our main living space overlooking the lake. It’s like being outside.

To complement our open floor plan and 15-ft ceiling, we also installed a Genie model 6170 wall mount garage door opener so that we could see how it performs under real-world conditions.

What is the Genie Wall Mount Garage Door Opener?

The Genie model 6170 wall mount garage door opener is ideal for this application at the Getaway. Its compact and fully enclosed motor mounts on the wall to either side of the garage door track. Because it attaches directly to the garage door’s spring tube, there’s no need for a traditional rail and powerhead hanging from our ceiling.

How We Tested It

In the part of Wisconsin where we built the Getaway, the summers are hot and the winters even colder. On warm summer days, we’d open the door in the morning and close it every night. Pretty standard operation. Sometimes we opened and closed it several times. We have no doubt the opener will provide many years of service.

Genie Garage Opener Reviewed 

The elimination of the overhead rail really opened up the space in our Getaway cabin. In traditional applications that space can be used for more storage, or a simple, cleaner look.

The Genie 6170 was simple to install, but less experienced DIYers may want to hire a professional. The Genie 6170 performed as well as any other garage door opener that we’ve used, but it’s extremely quiet — a nice addition to the serene surroundings at our cabin. We also really liked the additional features and accessories.


This Genie opener includes a wireless wall console, Bluetooth LED light fixture and door lock.


The Aladdin Connect smart garage feature connects to your home’s WiFi, enabling you to monitor the garage door from your smart device. Integrated with the Intellicode Access security system, it helps stop would-be burglars from entering. It’s also compatible with Homelink and Car2U.

Battery backup

Another great feature is the battery backup, making it possible to get in and out of your garage during a power outage.

Other great features of the Genie 6170

Genie offers a 15-year limited warranty on the 24V motor. It quietly opens with speeds up to 7-1/2-inches per second. The Slack Cable detection ensuring safe door travel coupled with the GenieSense monitoring and diagnostic technology makes it one of the safest garage door openers on the market.

At more than $600, it’s on the spendier side of garage door openers. But for our space, it was ideal. The additional features, quiet operation and ease of use sealed the deal for us.

Why You Should Buy This

If you don’t have a lot of space for an opener, or if you’re searching for a cleaner look or storage space above your garage door, the Genie wall mount garage door opener is for you. The added connectivity, phone app and dead-quiet operation all make this product worth its price tag.

Intermediate DIYers should be able to install this themselves, and qualified pros will have no problem. Genie offers a wealth of DIY product support through videos, instruction and live troubleshooting with experts ready to help with installation.

Where to Buy the Genie Wall Mount Garage Door Opener

You can buy this opener at most home improvement outlets or online.

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