Is the Tineco Floor Cleaner the Best Wet and Dry Vacuum? – We Tried It

Updated: Apr. 19, 2024

In just five minutes, the Tineco floor cleaner changed the way I clean my floors.

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I ran this floor cleaner over the vinyl tile in my back entryway for about five minutes, then emptied its dirty water bucket. Now I’m a believer.

Let me explain.

I don’t mind cleaning my hard-surface floors by hand occasionally. Sure, it’s a chore. But the results are good, and I can do it all with simple cleaning liquids and rags. The problem is, it can take a couple of hours to move all the furniture and sweep, clean and dry the wood. So I do it infrequently. The Tineco Floor One S5 changed that.

What Is the Tineco Floor Cleaner?

The Tineco Floor One S5 is a wet/dry vacuum that cleans hard-surface floors, and its smart capability adjusts the cleaning power automatically. It has separate tanks for clean and dirty water and a soft cloth roller for cleaning. It’s cordless and includes a dock receiver that plugs into a wall outlet for charging.

While the Tineco cleans, its color LED display shows you what the device is doing. A lighted circle changes from red for cleaning mode to blue for cleaning success. When the circle is 100 percent red, the Tineco recognizes more cleaning is needed. The battery charge appears on a scale of 1 to 100.

How We Tested It

I hesitated running the wet cleaner over my wood floors on the first go. So for my first test, I aimed at our vinyl tile flooring.

Cleaning this small, high-traffic area normally requires sweeping or dry vacuuming before hand-scrubbing, which usually takes an hour or so. With the Tineco, I was done in less than 10 minutes. The condition of the water in the dirty tank showed the device removed a lot of grime.

After I saw how little cleaning liquid the Tineco applied on the vinyl tile, I knew I could clean the wood flooring that covers most of my main level. The manufacturer says this device is safe for hard surfaces, including sealed wood flooring.

With no precleaning, I ran the Tineco over my wood floors and watched the circle light modulate from red to blue. The light glowed red near my coffee station, around the dining table and throughout the front hallway.

When finished, the floor was completely dry except for a few minor spots, and those dried quickly without my intervention. During our coffee-spill simulation test, I had to stop cleaning once to empty the dirty water tank. (A larger container would be nice.)

I tackled the bathrooms, too — not a pleasant job manually. Then, for a torture test, I ran the device over my epoxy-coated garage floor. I usually clean this with a garden hose and push broom. The Tineco grabbed leaves, grass clippings and sawdust, and it cleaned a low spot regularly stained with drippings from the car.

Final Verdict

Before trying this cleaner, I balked at its $500 price tag. After using it, I would consider this a good investment in cleaner floors and saving time. P.S. We love the Tineco Pure One Station, too.

Where To Buy the Tineco Floor Cleaner

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Purchase the Tineco Floor One S5 online from Amazon or Best Buy, or directly from the Tineco website.

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