The Best Carpet Cleaning Machines for Your Home

Updated: Jan. 12, 2024

For dirt, stains and everyday messes, what's the best carpet steam cleaner? Here are our picks for best carpet cleaners, including those with steam.

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7 Best Carpet Cleaning Machines Ft Via Merchant
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Buying a Carpet Cleaning Machine

We’ve never spent more time at home than during the last couple of years, so it’s hardly surprising our carpets are showing signs of use and abuse. That’s where carpet cleaners come in.

Considerations when buying a carpet cleaner

Besides removing soil and gunk, carpet cleaners can help keep your carpet last longer, especially if you frequently deal with tracked-in dirt or spills.

Michael Clarke, founder of, recommends home carpet cleaners combining cleaning solution with powerful brush heads that work deeply into the fibers, extracting grime and ground-in dirt. “In many cases, the machines help to restore carpet’s appearance, leaving it looking refreshed and almost new,” he says.

Before purchasing one, here are some things to consider:

  • Style (upright, canister or portable): “Upright cleaners are best if you plan to use a carpet cleaner regularly and most of your home is carpeted,” says Clarke. Larger sizes offer more power, but that also makes them noisier and clumsier to move than a small canister or portable machine.
  • Cleaning system: Carpet cleaners rely on a cleaning solution and brushes, or steam. Carpet cleaners with specially formulated solutions mixed with water are good for spot cleaning. Machines that rely on hot water/steam are chemical-free and tend to be better at removing deep-down dirt. One downside to steam: It can take longer for the carpets to dry.
  • Tank capacity: Full-size uprights tend to have larger tanks so they’ll cover more area with a single refill.
  • Power source: Most are corded. Cordless (battery-operated) models are great for cleaning cars.
  • Weight: A home carpet cleaner filled with water and cleaning solution can be a load. “Carrying around a full, dirty water tank can be especially problematic when lugging it up and down the stairs,” Clarke says.
  • Attachments: Extra tools, such as spot-cleaning and crevice attachments, are especially helpful for stains and deep cleaning in corners.


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Bissell Big Green Professional Carpet Cleaner Ecomm Via Amazon
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Best All-Around Carpet Cleaner

The Bissel Big Green Professional Carpet Cleaner is worth the investment. The Big Green features a brush with eight rows of bristles for deep cleaning. It comes with a tough-stain tool and a long-reach hose with an adjustable handle to clean comfortably. It’s backed by a five-year warranty.

Amazon customers gave it a 4.8 rating rating with more than 13,000 reviews. Verified purchaser Allison writes: “We had our carpets professionally cleaned the day we moved into our new house and they couldn’t get out the years-old stains. The Big Green did it in ONE PASS.”

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Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner Portable Heavy Duty Steamer Ecomm Via Amazon
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Best Steam Carpet Cleaner

For the environmentally conscious looking for a green machine, consider the Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner. It effectively and safely lifts grime, grease and odor from carpets and nearly every surface around your home without chemicals. Instead, it uses tap water, heated to 275 F to create steam that does the cleaning.

Writes Amazon reviewer Sterling: “Way more environmentally friendly. No residues. No worry about allergic reactions. No worry about trying to store chemicals where my kids won’t get into them. And the steam sterilizes everything I use it on. It kills viruses, saves money and the environment.”

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Bissell Spot Clean Portable Carpet Cleaner Ecomm Via Amazon
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Best Compact Carpet Cleaner

Don’t let the small size of the Bissell Spot Clean Professional Portable Carpet Cleaner fool you. Of all the compact models on the market, this one earned a place on our list for its superior brushing action combined with strong suction power and professional cleaning solution.

It cleans away dirty areas and protects the carpet from future stains. The Spot Clean comes with a tough-stain tool that promises to take care of stubborn stains.

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Hoover Smartwash Automatic Carpet Cleaner Ecomm Via Amazon
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Best Easy-to-Use Carpet Cleaner

Engineered for non-engineers, the upright Hoover Smartwash Automatic Carpet Cleaner is almost as easy to use as a vacuum.

All you need to do is turn it on and go — the Smartwash deposits the correct amount of water-to-cleaning solution and scrubs and the carpet as you push the machine forward. When you pull it back, it sucks up the dirt and, assisted by heat, dries the carpet!. Plus, it even has a helpful attachment for spot cleaning.

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